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Chlorine damages cells by releasing free oxygen which combines with cell

proteins causing them to denature. Because the hypochlorite ion forms when

such compounds as sodium hypochlorite (NaoCl; bleach)contact the organic

materials which make up the cell membrane, it is also likely that the

lipoprotein structure is disrupted, causing cytoplasm leakage and killing

the cell.

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Q: Why does chlorine kill plants?
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Can you water your garden with pool water?

No, the chlorine will kill your plants.

If I clean my house with chlorine will it kill my plants?

It depends on the amount of chlorine is in the bleach. If it is a reasonable amount you will be fine, but straight up chlorine kills it.

What non metal is used to kill fungi in plants?

Chlorine is a non-metal. It is used to kill fungi.

Do plants need chlorine?

Chlorine is toxic to plants.

Does chlorine kill fish?

Yes, chlorine can kill fish. Fish can swallow it. Yes, chlorine can kill fish. Fish can swallow it. Yes, chlorine can kill fish. Fish can swallow it.

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What is some information about chlorine?

chlorine can kill you.

How does chlorine in a swimming pool kill bacteria?

How does chlorine in a swimming pool kill bacteria ?

Is it safe to use swimming pool water to irrigate tomato plants?

No. I don't know the effects of chlorine, but I do know you can't ingest it, and it will likely kill your plants.

Can flowers or plants live in chlorine treated water?

Flowers or plants can not live in chlorine treated water. This is because the chlorine chemicals shutdown the organelles of the plants cells.

Is impurity a good thing?

Impurity is not a good thing especially in plants. Most of the impurities are found in the water that we use. Chlorine is one of the impurities that may kill plants.

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Nothing kills chlorine as it is not alive.

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What does chlorine do to plants?

• Affects the movement of water in a plant during photosynthesis. • Plants absorb it through soil. • Too much chlorine can give plants brown leaves. • Not getting enough chlorine can make plants turn yellow and wilt.

What element is pumped into drinking water in treatment plants to kill harmful bacteria?

It's chlorine that kills the harmful bacteria in drinking water.

How do you kill chlorine in water?

take half the water out,them put in clear clean water,our let the sun kill the chlorine.

Will chlorine kill algae?

Yes; it will kill just about anything.

Will Clorox kill goldfish in a pool?

It has chlorine and it will kill a fish

Does chlorine affects the growth of plants?

Chlorine does affect the growth of many plants. When you water the plant with it it will soak in quickly and probably die the next day. So I would recommend not using chlorine to water your plants

Can chlorine kill a frog?

chlorine is a deadly chemical when its a gas,so yes

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What can chlorine be used for?

to kill bacteria

Can chlorine kill you if you drink it?