Why does computer sometimes fail?

Updated: 10/4/2023
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There are many reasons a computer may fail.

Hard drive crashes, logical or software errors, human error, circuit failure, physical damage, loose cables, electrical damage, and overheating are the most common.

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Computer's have problems because they are made by people. People are not perfect but can work out problems to a desired result. Computers do what they are told. Even still, in electronics there are still things that are not fully understood about electricity and how it actually works. Understanding how electronics work may be about 85 percent or higher which can give a pretty good cosistancy of funtionality.

Other than that, most problems occur on PC's due to software installation weather it be wrong drivers, source code and viruses. its all software based. it not as likely that any of the hardware in the computer bust as it does take some time for these components wear down.

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They are imperfect, just like their creators! Parts die, software has bugs, etc. Things happen. Entropy is always increasing!

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Q: Why does computer sometimes fail?
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