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Why does dark blue look black?

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because when you stare at a certain thing for to long your mind will then play tricks on you. On yellow you will see green dots so it is your mind playing tricks on you.

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What color do black and blue make?

Mixing blue and black will make a very dark blue.

What colors look best on golden blondes?

Dark Blue, Black, Red

Do you combine dark and blue in to dark blue or do you just go dark blue?

You can get dark blue from (plain) blue by adding (a small amount of) black.

What does black Irish look like?

dark hair blue eyes is what an black Irish person looks like

What color is navy?

Navy is a deep dark blue. shirts that look black but if you look closely have a tint of blue are the color navy. navy is not a color

What colours do you mix to get dark purple?

Dark blue and Dark red... or blue, red and black

Can you mix dark blue and gray to get black?

No, it becomes a dark, grayish blue.

What makes a dark green?

yellow and blue and a little bit of black or green and dark blue or green and black

What color is navy blue?

Navy blue is a dark shade of blue somewhere between dark blue and black.

When you breed a black and blue together what colors can you expect?

When you breed a black and a blue together you get a dark blue or black.

What color does black and blue make?

Dark blue.

What is black and blue mixed?

I think you get Dark Blue...

What color complements black?

a blue or dark blue

What is dark blue?

A color between blue and black.

What colour tights would go with a black and blue shirt and black skirt?

Black or Dark Blue

What color makes dark blue?

Dark Blue is made by varying the value of the hue blue, mix the hue blue and black.

What plus light blue equals a dark blue?

the color BLACK is the missing color that will turn light blue, dark blue.

What color is made when black and blue is mixed?

dark blue

What colors are needed to make dark blue?

Blue and black

What color makes black and blue together?

dark blue

How do you make dark blue watercolour paint?

Blue + black.

Can hair really be black?

No, it is impossible to have your hair or eyes be completely naturally black. You can dye it to be completely black. If they look black, there are simply very dark brown. Black hair would actually look slightly blue in the sunlight.

What did Dolly Madison look like?

5' 6" , white, blue eyes, dark black hair. from what i know

What do Cassowaries look like?

it has dark black feathers and its neck is blue and has a helmet on its head.the helmet is mostly brown.

Why does the sea change colour from dark blue to light?

becuse when you look at it turns black and affect the marine life