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Diffusion in gases is quick because the particles in a gas move quickly. It happens even faster in hot gases.

In other states of matter diffusion cannot happen as fast because the particles move more slowly i.e. in a liquid

Diffusion doesn't happen at all in a solid because the particles are too close together. The only way they move is by vibrating.

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Diffusion in gases is faster than in liquids because the particles in gas move way faster than in liquids. The gas particles therefore spread out more quickly and diffusion is completed faster.

yes it happens faster in gas than in liquid

Diffusion happens fastest in a gas. Since gases have more space than liquids, molecules are free to move around without colliding into other molecules. The result is that diffusion will happen faster.

diffusion happen because of the motion of the gas particle which they are travelling faster than the particles in solid and liquid and the different atomic mass of the gases

Diffusion happens faster in hot water

It happen more quickley at warm temperature.

if the temp is higher then diffusion take place faster

diffusion is directly proportional to the free movements of the substance and gases have a higher entropy and this free movement of molecules makes diffusion faster.

In a gas the particles can move about more freely and randomly. As a result, diffusion in gases happens much faster than that in liquids. :)

it happens faster in hot water of course

Rate of diffusion is directly proportional to the temperature. Therefore, hot gas will diffuse faster.

Rate of diffusion is inversely proportional to the density of gas or liquid and is directly proportional to the temperature. A more dense liquid or gas will diffuse slowly. When the temperature rises, the energy of molecules increases and they move faster so diffusion is faster.

The molecules in a gas are very distant from each other.

Rate of diffusion of gases is faster than liquids or solids because of the lack of intermolecular forces holding gas molecules together, and thus the faster movement of the molecules.

The molecular motion of hot water is faster.

minority molecules spread out. diffusion happens with gas and osmosis happen with liquid.

diffusion in gases is more faster than the diffusion in liquids because the particles are more far apart in gases than in liquids.

Yes, diffusion is faster at high temperature.

kinetmatics gas decrease mean it would reduce diffusion

diffusion happens quicker in warm water because it makes the molecules move around faster, making the diffusion process speed up.

Diffusion happens because particles in gases and liquids move about. However diffusion would be greater in gas than in liquid because the particles in a gas move and spread quicker and there is more space to move to.

how does diffusion happen in the capillaries

Diffusion is the spreading of something or intermingling of substances by the natural movement of their particles. Heat is an increase of the kinetic energy of a system, the particles move further and faster. This increased motion mixes the components together faster.

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