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Ethene has a double bond and is an alkene whereas ethane has no double bond and is an alkane.

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Chemical test to distinguish ethene from ethane?

Ethane is a single bond atom and and ethene is a doble bond atom Ethane is unsaturated , meaning its a single bond and ethene is saturated .

Formula for ethane to ethene?

formula for ethane is C2H6 and for Ethene is C2H4

How do you convert ethene to ethane?

Ni CH2=CH2 + H2 -----> CH3-CH3 573K {ETHENE} {ETHANE}

How does the structure of ethane compare to the structure of ethene?

Both ethene and ethane contain two carbons. Ethene has a double bond between its two carbons while ethane has a single bond. Because of this, ethane contains six hydrogen atoms, but ethene only contains four.

Why addition reaction takes place in ethene and ethyne but not in ethane?

why addition reaction take place in ethene and ethyne but not in ethane

Why does ethene have different chemical properties from decane and hexane?

It is a completely different compound with its own unique chemical and physical properties. Ethene conatins a C=C double bond and is an unsaturated hydrocarbon, decane and hexane are alkanes and conatin only single C-C bonds

How do you distinguish between ethane and ethene?

Ethane is C2H6 because the formula is CnH2n+2 when -ane is used, and Ethene is C2H4 because the formula is CnH2n when -ene is used.

What organic chemical reaction will make an alkane like ethane to become a double bonded 2 carbon chain?

You are trying to reduce ethane to ethene, I am guessing. That is a very hard reaction to do... probably you will have to do a free radical halogenation on ethane to form 1-chloroethane, followed by an E2 reaction with t-butoxide or some other bulky base to form ethene. Since ethane and ethene are both gases and cheaply available from petroleum cracking, this reaction really isn't worth doing.

Why addition reactions occur in ethene and ethyne but not in ethane?

addition reaction take place in ethene and ethyne because they are unsaturated hydrocarbones and in ethane all its vallency are fully satisfied

How is ethane prepared from ethene?

Hydrogenation in presence of Ni as catalyst.

What is the Chemical test to tell the difference between ethane and ethene?

You have to prestige 20 times, then perhaps buy Halo 4 on the day it comes out.

How do you convert ethane to ethylene glycol?

Pyrolysis to convert the ethane to ethene. The add Alkaline Pottasium permanganate solution.

What kind of bond does ethane have?

Ethane has a single bond and Ethene has a double bondane : single -ene : double =

How do you convert ethene to bromo ethane?

Ethene can be convert to bromoethene by reacting with hydrogen-bromide, which is called hydroalogenation CH2=CH2 + HBr -----> CH3- CH2Br {ETHENE} {BROMOETHANE}

Chemical symbol for ethene?

The chemical formula for ethene (an alkene) is C2H4.

What alkane is formed when ethene reacts with hydrogen?

Ethene C2H4 plus Hydrogen H2 produces Ethane C2H6 C2H4 + H2 --> C2H6

What will lie flat on a plane Methane ethane ethene ethyne chloromethane?

The atomic nuclei in ethene and ethyne are coplanar (in ethyne, they're actually colinear).

Name the polymer made from ethene?

ethane is a precursor to ethylene which is polymerized to form polyethylene

Chemical formula of ethene?

Ethene (a.k.a. ethylene) is C2H4

Ethane a Alkene?

Ethane is not an Alkene. Ethane is an Alkane and Ethene is an AlkeneAlkene always end in 'ene'Whilst alkane always end in 'ane'So dont get mixed up!! =D

What is a chemical which is made up of only carbon and hydrogen atoms?

Hydrocarbons. Found mainly in crude oil. Examples are Ethane, Ethene, Propane, Propene, Methane, Methene... (you get the picture)

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