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Well, it is my understanding that whatever you bring into your body will be absorbed on a cellular level, not only by your hair, but by your entire body. Your skin and your blood will absorb chemicals and nutrients and vitamins just like your hair. However, you shed skin. Your blood is cleaned regularly by your liver. Your liver is like the garbageman of your body: it keeps it clean. Your hair, however, is only living tissue at the very base of each strand of hair. The hair follicle itself is actually dead tissue, so there is no cleaning going on. Everything that is absorbed into your body eventually finds its way to your hair. Think of it as a tiny tiny stain in your hair that doesn't get cleaned.'s not that your hair is the only part of your body absorbing things. It just doesn't have a cleaning system set up, so whatever it absorbs is there permanently. That's my guess.

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What drugs show up in hair tests?

You can test for any drug by using a hair test. Drugs that you take into your body will show up in your body. The hair takes up drugs just like other cells. The thing about the hair is that the drugs can be detected for as long as the hair is on your head.

Does Methadone show on hair drug test?

Yes. All substances absorbed by your body are stored for display in your hair.

Will weed show up in a hair test five months later?

No if lab use head hair, possible if they use body hair.

Took drugs 30 days ago will they be in system by salava and hair test?

There will be no traces of the drug after 30 days so feel free to go ahead with the test.*note: Not true. It will most definitely show up in a hair test. Unless you just jumped into a fire and burnt ALL of your hair off. Hair test's show drug use for as long as you have had your hair. Body hair can be detectable up to 1 year. If you haven't cut the hair on your head in a year, expect them to find everything you have done in that time frame. When the body breaks down the substance, your blood carries it to your hair and leaves trace amounts of it in the follicles.

Will anti-depressant medication show on a hair drug test?

Everything will show in a hair drug test. This specific drug test is very exact, it is able to narrow it down to the month, and in some instances, the week of which this medication was taken. Also this test can show everything taken or used in the last 5 years.

What should you wear to britney spears concert?

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What exactly does a hair follicle test detect?

drugs and there metabolites that show it passed through the body.

What are signs to show that a girl likes you?

The signs are the nodding, the body language, how she talks to you, and how she messes with hair.

If you shave your old hair will the new growth show drugs in a hair folical test?

Yes it is stored in the cells not just in the deadhair and remains there if they can still get hair anywhere on your body

If im tested for cocaine and marijuana in a hair follicle test will any other drug show up?

Not unless they look for them but if they wanted to they could see everything you have done from a hair.

Can Muslim girl showing hair to not Muslim girl?

Girls can show their hair to each other, but Muslim girls can't show their hair to boys. It is important not to expose any part of your body if you are a Muslim girl. I'm Muslim, so I know.

How does metabolism effect hair drug test?

it doesnt...a hair drug test will show what drugs youve taken and when your hair essentially records what you put into your body at the time it emerges from the scalp

If you did a drug today how long will it take to show up in a hair strand drug test?

It depends whether they are testing hair from the head or hair for the body. Normally it is 90 days (with a standard test) but it can be up to a year if they test body hair. Check out the link I added for detailed information.

Does morphine pills show up in a hair follicle test?

most likey yes almost everything shows up it in that test

How did cat's hair grows so fast in victorious jade shaved it in crazy ponnie?

It's a TV show. Everything can happen.

What if you only smoke a little would my hair be clean?

When you take any drug into your body, your bloodstream lays down a "track" on your body hair. As hair grows out, that track moves with it. When hair is analysed for drug use, it CAN show up. It is not ON your hair, but IN your hair. There are a number of stories about how you can "beat" a drug screen. They are just that- stories. The only reliable way to do that is not to do the drugs.

Will vicdion show up in hair test after week?

yes, most pills get metabolized by the body for 6-12 hours + 6-12 hours for metabolites to get in to the hair follicles. Detection for hair test is up to 90 days (longer for body hair or person with slow grownup rate)

What is the duration of Hair Show?

The duration of Hair Show is 1.73 hours.

Will sky blue dye show up in chocolate brown hair?

no, you have to bleach your hair for it to show in your hair

Why do we have cards at Christmas?

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Will beer show on a hair follicle test?

will loritab show on hair follicle test

What is a cometologists income a year?

jus do a hair show dang! jus do a hair show dang!

Will methadone show up in a hair test?

Yes, methadone can show up in a hair test.

Why do women not show there hair in Jordan?

they don't show their hair because in the religion of Islam women are not allowed to show their hair and that shows how much respect for themselves.....and not all women in Jordan not show their hair that is only because majority of Jordan religion is Islam

Will a dab of cocaine on the tongue used 4 months ago show up on a hair test?

yes it will i had a hair folical test done a few yrs ago and everything came up,a hair folical test can go bk for as long as they want it to but it all depends on yr hair length