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Why does gatsby want daisy to see his house?


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Gatsby wants daisy to see his house and cloths to convince her that he has money and can take care of her.

he wants her to see his house.

He wants to impress Daisy and show her how wealthy he has become.

Jordan asks Nick to ask Daisy to come over to his house so Gatsby can see her again. Nick is confused why Gatsby didn't just ask him himself. Daisy is to remain in the dark because Gatsby doesn't want her to know it was set up.

he talked to her about wanting to see daisy again, and had Jordan ask nick if he would invite daisy over to his house for tea and casually invite gatsby so gatsby could see daisy again. gatsby was too nervous to ask nick himself.

He asks Nick to call Daisy to tea at Nicks house, and then Gatsby would just show up and happen to see Daisy. The reason he asks Nick to have it at Nicks house is because Nick lives right next to him and he wants Daisy to see his house, and maybe if all goes well (which it does) he can invite her over.

Tom can see that Daisy Is cheating on him, after Gatsby comes with Nick to their house one hot summers day. He can see it in the way Daisy speaks to Gatsby and looks at him. In specific, when Daisy says you're always so cool" Tom realizes what is going on. He is officially told by Daisy however, later on in the city.

Daisy is selfish and shallow, but Gatsby is too blinded by love to see it.

because its believed that daisy married tom due to wealth. gatsby house is superfluous to toms & by showing her his house, he is trying to woo her with his wealth & have her leave tom because of it.

He talked to her about wanting to see Daisy again, and had Jordan ask Nick if he would invite Daisy over for tea and casually invite Gatsby so Gatsby could see Daisy again. Gatsby was too nervous to ask nick himself.

Pammy makes Daisy Faye's marriage to Tom Buchanan real. Perhaps at one time Daisy really loved Tom. Jay Gatsby does not want to accept this fact.

The green light represents hope. Gatsby's hope or dream is for Daisy to fall back in love with him. Gatsby bought his house in West Egg to be closer to Daisy and to see this green light knowing it is at the end of her dock.

He wants to impress her; to show off his wealth so she can see how big he has become. Even though he as made his money through bootlegging, she doesn't know, he wants to act like a big man. He wants to show her that he has money now so they can finally be together.

Gatsby asks Nick (via Jordan) to invite his cousin, Daisy by for tea. He will then "just happen to drop by" to see and hopefully connect with her. This setup is just another of Gatsby's strategic lures to entice the upper class Daisy.Gatsby wants Nick to introduce him to his cousin, Daisy Buchanan.

Nick. He has him invite Daisy over for tea where he will come over and they will talk and then he will dazzle her and then he will take her over to his house, she will see how well he's doing, and they will fall madly back into love and live happily ever after.

In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby does not literally turn the clock back five years, but rather does so figuratively with Daisy. At the end of Chapter 6, Nick Carraway, the narrator, ends the chapter with a description of how Gatsby and Daisy's love first blossomed five years ago. In that same area, when Nick warns Gatsby about repeating the past, Gatsby incredulous and says a famous line "Can't repeat the past?...Why of course you can!" (Fitzgerald 110).Gatsby, who even purchases a house across the Long Island Sound from Daisy Buchanan's home just so he can see the green light on her house's dock every night, is very much in love with Daisy. The height of their relationship was five years ago when they first fell in love while Gatsby was stationed as an army lieutenant in Daisy's town. Gatsby wants to turn back time to when they were in love and Daisy was his sweetheart. Everything Gatsby does in this novel, is to bring him and Daisy closer together. He has the parties in hope that Daisy will one day show up to one of them. He has a house across from hers, just to see the green light on her dock every night.As shown in the quote I cited above, Gatsby wants to (figuratively) turn the clock back five years because he wants the love that he and Daisy shared to blossom yet again.My edition of the book: F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby. New York: Scribner, 1925.

Daisey feels as though she had been flying. She couldent belive that Gatsby had done that! She didnt know whether she liked the kiss or hated the fact that Gatsby had did that! So now she is waiting to see why had Gatsby done that.

he saw the green light at the end of her dock.

Gatsby is mad when he see the Buchana child as he had wanted to be the one to have children with Daisy. A child also meant she would be more tied to her marriage.

Having Nick invite Daisy over so that Gatsby can see her

Jay Gatsby is a good, honorable man. He's honest (though sometimes shady and vague) and ambitious. He is completely devoted to Daisy - he'd do anything for her. He also is very true to his vision of Daisy. He sees only the good in her. However, Gatsby lives in the past. He is unable to move on from five years previous, when Daisy loved him, and see that she is with Tom now and has loved someone else since he went to war. He is unable to see the bad in Daisy. He is also stuck on his dreams of her. He fantasized and dreamed about her five years, making her seem greater than she actually was. Then when he really saw her he wasn't able to see anything different. Gatsby spends his money recklessly, (mostly to appeal to Daisy through means of lavish parties) and uses Nick's friendship to get closer to what he wants -Daisy.

When Nick meets Gatsby standing in front of Daisy's house after the accident, the conversation goes like this (quoting exactly): Nick asks "'Was Daisy driving?' [Gatsby says] 'Yes,' he said after a moment, 'but of course I'll say I was. You see, when we left New York she was very nervous and she though it would steady her to drive'".

The green lights symbolize the future he wishes to have, but only regarding Daisy. The lights were intended for Gatsby to see upon his return from the army but after Daisy is married and unaware of his return, they only shine the light of hope into Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a book about a man named James Gatz. James Gatz changes his name, illegally earns his fortune, and throws extravagant parties all to reinvent his life. In the process of making a new name for himself he meets a beautiful girl named Daisy Buchanan. They fall madly in love. But soon, as all tragic love stories go, Gatsby has to go to war and Daisy doesn't see him for 5 years. Gatsby never forgets Daisy, but Daisy marries Tom Buchanan and falls in love with him too. The rest of the story is a narrative (by Nick Carraway) of how Gatsby plans to get Daisy back and dies in the process. READ THE BOOK FOR FURTHER INFORMATION! (:

Daisy Buchanan has a baby with Tom Buchanan. When Nick arrives at the Buchanan home Daisy almost immediately tells him that he should go see the baby.

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