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Why does he ignore your texts?


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You see, sometimes guys don't feel like answering or starting a conversation. Either there relaxing and ignore, or "don't hear it" but don't worry, he still loves you.

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He/She might not be ready to accept that they like you.

he prolly has sum1 new he's responding to these days

There are many possibilities for why your boyfriend ignores your texts, but only he can tell you what his reason is. It could be that he is busy, has his phone turned off, or something else.

well go to his house and ask him the questions there if not ignore him back

i am a 12 year old girl and i have a 12 year old guy cuzin and he always ignores my texts and calls but idk y.

if you like the guy, flirt back , if you don't you can either tell him that or just ignore the texts until they stop

Depends on your views of him/her. If your still friends, then you should. If you aren't, then nah.

Ask them what they are playing that and go from there when you consider if they are a friend or not! just ignore them and delete them or keep them and show them to their parents the next day but if you do that you could get beaten up by them so i say just ignore them and delete them

Tell him to stop and be serious about it! Text him JUST ONCE and tell him not to text you anymore. Then just ignore his texts - he'll get the idea and stop.

actually it depends upon the taste of the girls,gernally girls seems to be quite interested in texts of the guys they like and also reply them....may not sometime to show their attitude,they mostly ignores the texts of the guys they dont like... or dont want them anymore in their lives

i think the only thing u can do now is call him dont text because he can ignore texts easier then calls if he doesnt answer his mobile then call him house phone i no it might seem a bit over the top but you have to talk to him and apologise and you no explain wot happened and why you didnt call him bac and hopefully he'll except it and start responding to your texts

Maybe she got no money in the bank,or maybe she is txting another. Good luck with tht

I chose not to ignore your question but to answer it.I asked my dad for some money but he chose to ignore me.If I ignore the problem it might go away.

No, you cannot change texts when you receive them. You have to keep them the way that they are. You can only delete texts, or, depending on what kind of phone you have, you can block texts.

if he loses interest. for example if he usaully texts "ok, yeah, " alot that would kind of mean he lost interest. and if he would see you and look away and ignore until you came to him.

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Tell him firmly to stop texting you, and ignore him if he continues. Be polite when he talks to you but have lots of excuses ready to cut the conversation short.

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When they forget that they don't like you and try to talk to you, you ignore them. When they try to be mean to you, ignore them. Ignore their body language to you.

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