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A question I've often pondered whilst sitting in the bath myself :) However, the best I've ever come up with is that your nose is closer to the 'flatus' when it enters the air so's more concentrated. If you've got the guts and your willing to use them ;) you could try smelling at various distances, just to see....

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Does dog poop smell worse than human poop?

I don't think so...

Why do farts smell worse in water?

Because they have more time to rot

Does chlorine have odour is it worse than wastewater?

If you have ever smelled laundry bleach, or been in a swimming pool and noticed a smell to the water- that is the smell of chlorine (in a fairly mild form). Pure chlorine gas is pale green, has a choking, burning smell, and is deadly to breathe. Whether it is "worse" than the smell of wastewater would depend on the purity of the chlorine you smell- the more pure, the worse the smell.

Why do dogs farts smell worse than human farts?

they eat more food than humans.

When animals fart does it stink?

Yes, sometimes it could smell just as bad as a human fart (or sometimes worse).

Do pigs have better smell then horses?

no pigs smell worse.

Do koala farts smell like coughdrops?

no they smell worse

Can mice learn to avoid traps or areas where traps are located?

Yes, because mice they have a keen sense of smell and will start to smell "human" around it or, worse, the smell of "death" because of the dead mice that came before them.

Your hall has a very strong smell worse in wet weather?

You probably have water seeping into the walls that creates mold.

Does Caroline Carmichael smell?

Worse then Riley

Is a tsunami worse under water then above?

They are worse above water because it takes effect to people. Waves can wash the human race right out with one huge powerful hit.

How did the human activities made it worse for the dust bowl in 1930?

Used up all the water.

Does bus smell?

Well, It depends on the people on the bus! Actually If it is a rainy day, then the bus will smell even worse. Also if there is a lot of teenagers on the bus then it will smell even worse then you think........... Why would you answer that question anyway?

Does cigarette smoke smell worse if your pregnant?


Do baby red ear slider turtles smell bad?

Yes, but weekly water changes help alot. They have a musty-dirt-like smell. Heat lamps make it worse but are necessary for digestion.

Would moth balls help cat urine smell?

No, it would just make the smell worse!

How does pika differ from other lagomorphs?

They generally smell worse.

Does shannon smell worse then Georgia?

Bc she doesnt shower.

Do men smell worse than women?

Yes, it is scienctific that men smell much worse than women. That answer sounds like it came from a bitter old stinky little thing

Why is it always worse if you fart in the shower?

well when the certain gases that come from your glutius exit from your body your two but cheeks are sticking together making the classic fart noise, but when in the shower the water is all over you and the smell of the fart gets absorbed by the water making it worse.

Why does tania krajisnik smell?

Maybe it was something she ate that has caused her to smell. Usually it is a pH imbalance that causes someone to smell worse than they should.

How do you make your feet smell worse?

wear shoes without socks.

Does a recovering alcoholic smell bad?

No - a recovering alcoholic is sober. They smell no better or worse than anyone else ffs

Why do some fart smell worse then others?

This is a personal quiestion but the answer is simply some people eat things which when digested give of a worse smell then other foods or some people have a very bad digetstion gut which makes any food smell very bad !

How many times does an average human burp?

An average human burps 5 to 10 times a day...depends on what you eat and the amount you eat...also sometimes you can fource burp... ;) but yeah burping is natural so what every you do don't be mad if you burp or famrt your only human...also your gas will smell like what you eat so if your food smells bad your gas will smell worse... ;)

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