Aquaponics and Hydroponics

Why does hydroponic work so well?

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it works because plants can grow without soil as long as there is sun shinning upon them

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Do plants need soil for photosynthesis?

Not always. Otherwise hydroponic gardening wouldn't work.

What are hydroponic gardens?

A hydroponic garden is a garden that grows without soil.

How Hydroponic system helps you to get hygienic vegetable and fruits?

hydroponic nutrients?

How are hydroponic farming and field farming different?

Hydroponic farming does not use soil.

Is there much hydroponic growing done in Florida?

Yes, hydroponic gardening is popular in Florida.

What are the main products that General Hydroponics produces?

The company General Hydroponics produces products for the growing of plants within a hydroponic environment. The products offered include hydroponic growing systems, as well as nutrients, supplements, and pest control for hydroponic gardens. This type of system is a method of growing in water without soil.

Do plants need soil to grow live and reproduce?

no, plants are grown well in hydroponic and aeroponic systems

Where you can grow hydroponic plants?

You can grow hydroponic plants anywhere that you can regulate lighting and temperature, when needed. Some people even have desktop hydroponic systems for small herbs and plants.

What are some hydroponic nutrients in plants?

One hydroponic nutrient in a plant is water. Water is an essential nutrient for all life. Another hydroponic nutrient in plants is magnesium sulphate.

How does hydroponic plants effect earth today?

Hydroponic plants are barely used today so it makes us suffer from water working plants. Hydroponics are grown without water which makes the world greener so without them it makes the world worst.

Is nz hothouse a hydroponic company?

No they are not a hydroponic company, They have glass houses where they can control the temperature and therefore the growing conditions.

Where can one purchase hydroponic supplies?

Hydroponic supplies can be purchased through many other retailers. This includes BG Hydro, HTG Supply, Hydroponic Wholesale and Amazon. The products are different in each site.

What are hydroponic nutrients and how does it apply to gardening?

Hydroponic nutrients help you grow high quality plants and vegetables. It's a scientific technique by which plants are fed all the required nutrients through water. So no soil is needed.

What is the antonym for hydroponic?


What is the name of rootless herb?


How can you use hydroponic in a sentence?

i poooted

What is a medium in hydroponics?

The medium is a sterile substrate that takes the place of soil; it provides a place for the plants to grow in as well as a medium through which the nutrient solution can pass. Hydroponics employs a sterile medium, one that does not interact with the plants - perlite, vermiculite, inert stone or rock wool. Hydroponic gardening system that is based on water, not soil. So container is a hydroponic growing medium. There are various types of hydroponic growing mediums like Oasis Cube, Coconut Fiber, Fillers, Ebb and Flow System and aeroponics.

What is growing media?

Growing media is something you put in a hydroponic system to stabilize the plants so they are not just there in the water.

What is a hydroponic cloner used for?

Hydroponic cloners are used for grooming the roots of plants for growing. Instead of the plants being placed in dirt or soil, the plants grow in open air and the hydroponic cloner puts moisture on the roots to keep them healthy and growing.

What is the soilless agriculture?

It is called Hydroponic Agriculture.

What are the examples of plants that have hollow stems?


How do line passes work for nightclubs in Las Vegas?

Well line passes that you get on the street do not work so well.

How do you prevent bacteria to plants?

No Damp Antibacterial Solution. Visit a hydroponic store near you and if they don't have the no damp they should have something similar that is sure to work.

Where would one shop for Hydroponic nutrients?

There is a large variety in retail stores that offer Hydroponic nutrients. Examples of these are Hydroempire, Hydroasis, Igrowhydro, Hydroponics and Xnutrients.

How long do hydroponic gardens last?

as long as you like