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Simon Fuller who is a television producer created American Idol.

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Q: Why does it say Simon Fuller instead of Cowell at beginning of American Idol?
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Is Simon Fuller related to Simon Cowell?

No, but they work together.Simon Fuller is the creator of American Idol and Simon Cowell is a judge on the show.

Who is the creator of American Idol?

Simon Fuller & Simon Cowell

What is the relationship between 'American Idol' and Britain's 'X-Factor'?

The creator of "American Idol," Simon Fuller, originally started with a show called "Pop Idol" in the UK, which also featured Simon Cowell. But the UK station didn't renew the contract for "Pop Idol" and instead replaced the show with a new program called "X-Factor" that Simon Cowell created. "Pop Idol" became "American Idol." "X-Factor" continues to run in the UK with Simon Cowell, but Simon Fuller just won a large chunk of its ownership because of the copyright violation.

When was Eddie Fuller - American football - born?

Eddie Fuller - American football - was born on 1968-06-22.

Bmg exec Simon cowell and british impresario Simon fuller created what british tv series which was soon exported to the us?

Pop Idol

Who created American?

Greg Fuller created "American Idol" in 1998

Who created American Idol?

Greg Fuller created "American Idol" in 1998

Who is the producer of the show American Idol?

Simon Fuller

What is S. Marce Fuller's nationality?

Nationality: American.

What is Margaret fuller famous for?

Margaret Fuller is famous for being an American journalist, as well as a women's rights activist.

What did margeret fuller do?

Margaret Fuller was an American Journalist, critic and women's right advocate associated with the American transcendentalism movement. She was the first full-time American female book reviewer in journalism.

Who started American Idol?

Simon Fuller is credited with being the Creator of American Idol

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