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* The other poster is correct. Stop bathing the kitten! Kittens and adult cats do clean themselves. If your kitten should get a bit dirty then take a soft wash cloth with tepid water and clean the kitten in the area it is dirty and then towel dry gently. Bathing your kitten is terrifying it and also could give it pneumonia if it's still damp. Cats tend to run warmer than dogs and love more heat. This DOES NOT mean you put your kitten or adult cat outside on very hot days and they need plenty of water just like dogs.

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What age can you give a kitten a bath?

You should never give a cat a bath at any age.

What age should you give a kitten a bath?

Don't give it a bath! Cats wash themselves.

Should you give a 4 month old kitten a bath?

No. Never should you give a cat a bath.

What to do if your kitten is step on?

give him a ice cold bath and some tylonol

How do you care for a stray kitten?

The same way u care 4 a pet kitten but give it a flee bath

Can you give a 5 week old kitten a flea bath?

yes it is safe

When is it best to give a kitten a bath?

I've heard it is usually once a week. Unless the kitten got into something dirty, it doesn't need a bath. Kittens/cats clean themselves.

Does your dog smell funny?

All dogs smell funny unless you give them a bath

Is it okay to give a kitten a bath?

Kittens shouldn't take baths cause they hate water unless your kitten loves to get wet.

How do you get cat pee smell off a dog?

Give the dog a bath.

Should i put shampoo on my kitten when i give it a bath?

Do cavalier king Charles spaniels smell bad?

If you don't give them a bath.

Do pet rats smell?

they don't really smell the rat but the cage and if your rat dose Smell you can give him or her a bath use cat shampoo to be safe.

How old does a cat have to be to give them a flea bath?

To give them a bath with flea shampoo you should wait (like the label should say) until the kitten is older then 12 weeks. An alternative to flea shampoo would be just to wash your kitten with dawn soap, which you can use before it is 12 weeks. An easy way to do this is to wrap your kitten in a towel (to protect yourself and the kitten) and submerge it (except for the head). Most of the fleas will drown, then use the soap to wash your kitten.

What can you do to stop the unpleasent smell on your blue nose pit bull?

Give the dog a bath.

How do you get the smell of dog out of your hands after you've pet one?

Give the dog a bath first

How old does a kitten have to be before you can give it a bath?

I have no idea if there is a medical hindrance to giving young kittens a bath. However, if you have purchased the kitten from a breeder, it must be at least 10 weeks old, and should be fine if given a bath. Just make sure that the water is lukewarm, so the kitten doesn't get cold, but not too hot or it could overheat. P.S. Generally cats do not enjoy baths. Or water at all for that matter. You will have one angry kitten on your hands. So have fun!

Can you give a kitten baby asprin?

no never give a kitten that

How can you get cats used to a new kitten?

There isn't much you can do....... after a week or so they will stop hissing. A little while after that they might touch. Basically all they need is time. Keep them separated in the beginning but rub a towel on the kitten and let the cats smell it - this way the cats will get used to the smell of the kitten. Give them treats when they are together in the beginning so they associate the new kitten with getting food - this will hopefully make them accept the kitten more easily.

Will the mother cat take a kitten back after it spent the night ithe house with two oher cats?

That is a good question. It may but first you need to remove the other cats scent from the kitten. Give it a short bath in kitten shampoo. After the kitten is dry, rub the kitten against the mama cat without the mama seeing the kitten. Doing this puts mamas scent back on the kitten and will make for a better meeting.

Do yorkies smell bad?

All dogs smell if you don't give them a bath. No, the yorkie breed does not smell only if it's dirty and hasn't had a bathe for two months. Wash it's face every day.

Can you give birth to a kitten?

You can give birth to a kitten if you have intercourse with them first. Even then, they will end up with the head of a woman and a body of a kitten

What can you do to take the bad smell away on my dog?

i cant do anything its your dog

Why do dogs rub their faces on panties?

It can be cause a lot of reasons but usually of you give him or her a bath she will rub things to put her smell on it.

Can you put flee medicine on an 8 week old kitten?

No, the kitten is to young still. The instructions on the flea medicine box should give you directions and usage for that product. A 8 week old kitten is too young for flea medicine and also too young for a bath with flea soap