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You have to remember that WikiAnswers gets the answers to your questions through contributors, like yourself. So it depends really on when the contributors are on, and who sees your question. If there are plenty of people who know the answer the more likely it would be answered more quickly. Like if it is a not much asked question that probably not many people know off hand, it can take time for a contributor to research the question the find the answer. But it also depends what time of day it is for a contributor.

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Q: Why does it take Wikianswers so long to answer questions?
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Why does it take so long for questions to be answered on WikiAnswers?

Wikianswers is not an automated service, it is Wikianswers' users that answer the questions. There's absolutely no guarantee a question will be answered fast or even at all.

How long does it take someone to answer a question on WikiAnswers?

This answer varies. People who have accounts here on WikiAnswers can view recently asked questions, and answer them for trust points. So it all depends, really.

How long does the WikiAnswers team take the erase useless or incomplete questions on WikiAnswers?

The WikiAnswers team can take an indefinite amount of time to erase useless or incomplete answers. Questions on WikiAnswers are answered by users of the website, not necessarily staff members. If you see a useless answer, remove it or flag it so that other users can see that the answer needs to be improved.

Can you ask questions on WikiAnswers then answer it yourself?

Yes, so long as the question is a valid one.

How come there are so many questions on WikiAnswers?

There are so many questions because people have lots of questions and they come to WikiAnswers seeking answers!

How long would it take to read every question on WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers does not provide statistics on how many questions have been asked, but they do provide statistics on how many questions have been answered, so we will use that number.As of 3/4/12 there are 15,338,154 answers.Assuming that questions take an average of 4 questions to read:(15,338,154) * (4) = 61,352,616 seconds.Minutes: 1,022,543,000,000,000,000Hours: 17,042,000,000,000,000Days: 710,000,000,000,000

Why do people swear in WikiAnswers?

Contributors who swear in their questions and answers should be reported to a Super so that the appropriate action can be taken. As always, feel free to flag WikiAnswers questions and answers that do not conform to the WikiAnswers guidelines so that Supers may take appropriate action.

Does WikiAnswers answer all of your questions?

WikiAnswers does not necessarily provide answers to all questions submitted. WikiAnswers questions are answered mainly by contributors from the community, so the number of questions answered relies greatly on the users of WikiAnswers, and the amount that they are able and prepared to contribute.

How many questions are asked on WikiAnswers in total?

There are so many questions on WikiAnswers that it is impossible to total exactly how many questions there are. Even now, questions are being asked, so the total will always keep changing.

How do WikiAnswers answer questions so quick?

Wiki has a wide audience so this means lots of people take the time to read and participate by giving answers to the questions such as yours asked :)

Is WikiAnswers a good site to find the answer to questions on?

Wikianswers is the best Q&A site on the internet. So it safe to say that yes, wikianswers is excellent to find answers to questions.

Why do people go on WikiAnswers?

So that they can ask or answer questions.

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