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Workers' Compensation claims have to be thoroughly investigated before a decision is issued. This includes examining submitted evidence, and sometimes calling references and requesting more evidence.

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Q: Why does it take so long for workers compensation to make a decision on a claim?
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Who is the best lawyer in Long Beach Workers' Compensation Attorney?

Award-Winning Workers' Compensation Attorney Long Beach | GN

How long do I have to be out of work to recieve compensation? this page has detailed description for the workers compensation under different circumstances.

Can you still file for workman comp if you return to work after surgery for carpal tunnel and am unable to work?

Yes, you have three years to file for workers' compensation in Pennsylvania. After you return to work after receiving workers' compensation, you have, at least, 9.6 years to re-open the wage loss claim. The medical claim is for life.

If you accept a work comp settlement what happens if you get same injury again?

If you get the same injury again during the course of your employment, you can claim workers compensation benefits again as long as the second injury is distinct from the first.

Can i receive Investment income while on workers compensation?

Yes as long as the checks aren't to heavy to lift.

How long is workers compensation insurance offered to the injured employee?

This depends on a large part on the insurance that you are covered by. This period could be as short as 6 months to as long as a lifetime compensation. You should call your insurance company to inquire.

How long can the former employer stall in a workman's compensation claim before it goes to mandatory arbitration?

The states set their own workman's compensation rules. The answer to this question depends on the state in which the claim is filed. There may also be special conditions that apply to a particular case.

How much time do you have to file a workers compensation report after an accident?

It varies by state, but don't delay - it's usually not a long time.

How long can an injured employee stay on worker's compensation?

Worker's compensation insurance varies depending on each state. It helps to consult a lawyer if you are having and problems with worker's compensation. As long as a doctor has said you cannot return to work becasue of a work related injury, worker's compenstation insurance should be in effect.

Can you claim workmens compensation and get lost wages if you work for a temp agency?

This depends on why your receiving workers compensation. Your best bet is to speak with an attorney prior to making any move. If the workers compensation program determines you are not capable of working and they find out that you are working elsewhere they can refuse your claim. *** additional information** yes, of course. if you are hurt temping, your employer's carrier for WC insurance will be responsible for handling your claim. Depending on which state you were hired in, and paid out of, the claim will be handled based on state laws, degree of disability (if any) as well as other factors involved. The lost wages (indeminity) would absolutely have to be reimbursed - as long as there is no insurance fraud being committed. Besides, Temp agencies usually have some sort of return to work program, meaning if you break your leg doing physical labor, theyll have you work in the office off your feet as part of their return to work program, so it will keep their indeminity payments/reserves lower, their overall incurreds lower, their Exp Mod lower, and of course annual premiums lower. Source: Workers Compensation Expert - Commercial lines.

If terminated from employment can you still be covered by workers compensation?

yes. If your employer already approved your surgery you can still get it. And your employer should be covering anything for workers comp as long as it happened while you were working there.

What is the application procedure for a insurance adjuster license?

Oregon issues general lines, crop and health adjuster licenses. Adjusters acting only as workers compensation adjusters do not need an adjuster's license as long as they are certified as a claims examiner under standards approved by the Oregon Workers Compensation Division.