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How do you post a picture with your add on craigslist?

When making a new add scroll down the page and you'll see four red X's next to Red X there is a browse button hit it then hit the drop down arrow and find what folder your picture is then click on the picture and hit the open button, that red x will turn into a Green O then when done editing your add click continue or next it will take a few minutes then just follow directions

How do you repost a picture on Instagram?

Get instantsave from your app store then go to instagram and then hit the butten to take a picture then hit the butten to go to gallery to pick the picture that you saved and then post it ;)

How do you put a picture in your quizbone quiz on facebook?

you have to go on google or bing... search images and then find the image you want... left click and select save picture as... then go and hit browse omn quizbone and take the picture double click it and then from there it will tell you what to do next

How long did it take the titanic hit the iceberg to be fully submersed?

Titanic hit the iceberg at 11:40 pm and was submersed enough to crack at 2:20 the next morning.

How to take a picture with Kodak Zi6?

To take a picture with Kodak Zi6, you must turn on the camera. The on button is located at the top of the camera. Then you simply hit the snap button.

How do you upload a picture to your People's Choice Awards profile?

From the homepage, click on your username, then the "The fun part" tab, then click on the "Change avatar" link next to your picture or whatever you already have there; it throws up an excuse of a window where you are expected to select some "avatar". Or you can select the thing for uploading your own picture, hit "Browse", pick out whatever you want so long as it's not a celebrity, etc. PCA will take a week or so (if I remember right) to approve or reject the picture.

How long did it take to hit other countries?

Titanic left England on April 10th, arrived in France that night, and arrived in Ireland the next day.

How do you take a picture on an intensity 2?

click on "menu" then go to "media Center" go down to the 3rd thing on the list which is pictures and click on "take picture" then hit ok and there you have it!

How long does the sun from the moon take to hit earth?

The rays from the sun take 8 minutes to hit the earth

How do you make a picture your wallpaper?

Either right click on the picture and hit "Set as Desktop Background" or hit CTRL and then click on the picture and hit "set as desktop background"

If you take a couple hit two months ago how long does it stay in hair?

if you take a couple hit two months ago how long does it stay in your hair

How long does it take to cycle from a new moon to a next new moon?

one month or so (it depends] ;)hit mi ^ i mm bored(even dough its not my space ]

How long did it take from the time the titanic hit the iceberg to the timeit finally sank beneath the ocean?

She hit the iceburg at 11:40 and sank at 2:23 the next morning so 2 hours 43 minuets.

How long does it take for sunlight to hit Pluto?


How long does it take for an ecstasy pill to hit you?

As long as it takes for you to feel happy :-)

How long will THC remain in your body after taking one hit and how long can the effects remain?

1 hit no take a bunch and trust me you will no when to stop and 1 hit would probably stay in your body 2-7 days and dont take 1 hit take like 15

What is the number next to the hp on Pokemon cards?

its the number of hit points your Pokemon can take .

How do you copy and paste an image location on your iPod?

hold picture, hit copy and paste it on your document...or take a picture by cliking the off and home button at the same time...

If a player hits a triple and misses first base is that a hit?

It would be an out if the fielding team tagged the bag before the runner. However; if the picture threw a pitch to the next batter it would be a hit.

How long will it take for the sun to hit the earth?

the sun would hit the Earth in about 5000,0000,0000,0000,0000 years

How do you take a screencap of something?

Hit the Prt Scr button on the top of your keyboard. Then open paint and paste the picture in there.

Where can you get a picture of roc royal on your phone?

GO on google type in roc royal then hit search then go to image the cilck on a picture then get your phone ,then take it or go to a concert then at the end of the concert you can take a piture roc royal

How do you put wallpaper picture on the iphone?

You take a picture, go to settings and select wallpaper, then you go to camera roll and select the picture you want to use. Select the little window with the arrow coming out of it, and hit set as wallpaper.

How long did it take for the titanic to hit the iceberg after it was spotted?

When the Titanic hit the iceberg it had almost no time to respond.

How long did it take president bush to get to new Orleans when hurricane Katrina hit?

Too long