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Light refraction through a diamond is by design -- the design of the cut.

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Q: Why does light refract more when passing through a diamond?
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What causes light rays passing through it to refract?

double concave lens

Passing light through a prism does what?

The different wavelengths of light refract(blue the most and red the least)

What if your diamond reflects light?

It's a diamond's job to reflect and refract light.

Does light colored clothing refract or reflect light?

Light reflects off of light colored clothing. Light refracts when passing through a material (such as water).

Is diamond are reflectors?

Cut diamonds reflect and refract available light.

Is the diamond source of light?

No. Diamonds reflect and refract light. Without a light source, a diamond cannot be seen.No, a diamond is not a source of light. A cut diamond appears to sparkle because it is very good at scattering light that strikes it.

What material refracts the most?

Light does not refract via a single material. Refraction occurs when light passes from one material into another of a different density. It is the amount of difference in densities that causes the refraction. The greater the difference the greater the refraction. I believe that the densest material would be diamond, so light passing through a diamond and into a vacuum would seem to be the greatest difference, causing the greatest refraction.

How does light refract when it travels?

Through cold air

How does a prism affect water?

Not in many ways, if a prism is placed in water, then it will refract light. Light is already scattered even when passing through clear water, so the refraction is very hard to see.

Do all lenses refract the light passes through them?


Does light refract more when going through a thicker substance?

well three things happen when light strikes an object Refract Reflect absorb

When a light ray passes fro water to air?

it will to refract/bend because its passing from one medium to another