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Q: Why does lotus have a hollow stem?
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Why do lotus have hollow stem?

Lotus is an aquatic plant fixed at the bottom of the pond. To reach the surface of the water lotus stems are thin & hollow.

What is the name of the hollow stem of a lotus?

Lotus stem is also known as kamal kakdi

Is lotus a stem or a root?


Why does a lotus have long hollow and thin stems?

Lotus is an aquatic plant fixed at the bottom of the pond. To reach the surface of the water lotus stems are thin & hollow.

Why does a cactus have a hollow stem?

cactus have a hollow stem. it is where they store water and food for survival

What The hollow stem of lotus are called?

Kamal lakdi

What is the hollow stem of bamboo called?

The hollow cavity of the bamboo stem is called INTERNODE and the the rings are called INTRANODES.....

Why are some plant cells in the stem hollow?

the xylem cells in the stem are hollow so that the water & the minerals from the soil can be passed on to the leaf.

What is the meaning of your name MRUNALI in marathi?

Lotus Stem

Why xylem cells are hollow and strong?

They are hollow to transport water and strong to supprt the stem

What is the color of a lotus stem in acids and bases?

remains unchanged

Why the water lily has broad leaves and a hollow flexible stem?

because they have long stem .

What protects the bamboo plants?

hollow stem

Is corn plants have hollow inside stem?

yes it does

Does lotus reproduce by underground stem or root?

Lotus grow from rhizomes, which are straight, thick and fleshy underground stems. These stems grow horizontally under the ground.

What do you call a tall grass with hollow woody stem?


What are the adaptation of a lotus flower?

stem- flexible to move with current so that it wont snap

Is carrot part of the parsley family?

Because of it's hollow stem.

How was Tinkerbell born?

when a new born baby laughed it developed one of those seeds that float around and it drifted to pixie hollow to the fairydust tree and it formed into a lotus and the lotus bloomed and she was inside.

What are the adaptations of the lotus?

The adaptations of lotus plant are :The roots of the lotus plant are short and their main purpose is anchor the plant in its position . Stems are hollow to make the plant light and enable them to float . The leaves of lotus plant are large and flat. They have a waxy upper surface that makes them waterproof. They also have on the upper surface.

How does the lotus flower reproduce in detail?

Lotus flowers grow in water in warm areas. The lotus seed falls to the bottom of the water and forms roots, It will send a stem up to the top of the water and form leaves and eventually flowers. The flower is pollinated and the cycle repeats.

What is the name of the substance that fills the hollow cavity in the center of the bone with soft fatty substance called?

stem cell

Is a kelps stem solid or hollow?

solid but i'm stupid and my name is sarah call me to go out

How does a coffee percolator work?

Coffee grounds are placed in a filter basket atop a hollow stem in the center of the pot. Water is poured into the bottom of the pot. As the pot heats the water, it begins to boil and bubbles up the hollow stem, spilling hot water over the grounds and back into the bottom of the pot.

Are plant stems hollow?

(Arthrophytes ) Plant stems are filled with hollow tubes that run parallel to the stem. These tubes use pressure to transport water to areas of the plant that need it.