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Historically locusts have swarmed and devoured countless acres of crops, causing famine.

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Why are wolves considered pests?

That creature or plant which is not beneficial to Man and is rather detrimental to Man's desires, is considered a pest. Regardless of the severity and manner of being a pest, all pests are lumped together as a negative stereotype. This is Man's opinion. The pest, outside of the realm of Man, is not a pest or detrimental to nature. It is neither good or evil, it merely is. Often, Man is directly to blame for these pests, by fostering invasive species, selectively targeting native species, or by promoting/suppressing an environment that benefits/hinders the pest. You do not need to look into wild nature either. Consider your own body. How many benign bacteria have been removed for the sake of being "clean"? Our immune systems have nothing to do but turn against us with auto-immune diseases: asthma, allergies, diabetes, psoriasis, etc. As for the wolves, they are detrimental to Man's want to raise livestock, to hunt deer, etc. They therefore are pests.

How do spiders help man?

Spiders help man by destroying a lot of pests that lurks around our house and anywhere else.

What are the beneficial of ladybug to man?

Lady bugs give us something to look at and get rid of pests

How do lizard are beneficial to man?

lizards are beneficial to people because they eat pests and make awesome pets

Why are ants and bees considered pests?

Ants and bees are only considered pests by those who do not understand them. Their sole purpose in life is to produce and nurture the next generation and bother nobody while doing this. It is man who is the pest to them.

Is there a devil in the form of an old man wearing suits?

The devil has often been imagined in the form of an old man wearing a suit. He remains a mythical being.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Bargain Shop - 1992?

The cast of The Bargain Shop - 1992 includes: Philip Bolger as Locusts Anthony Brophy as Locusts Lana Citron as Locusts Brendan Conroy as Antique Man Damien Doyle as Locusts Stephen Gately as Locusts Brendan Gleeson as Jim Kennedy Stuart Graham as Packy Rosemary Henderson as Newsreader Doreen Hepburn as Mrs Martin Eamonn Hunt as Foreman Rachel Hyland as Locusts Garrett Keogh as Billy Pat Laffan as Charlie Ruth McCabe as Oracle Donal McCann as Narrator Emer McCourt as Maria Brid Mhic Fhearai as Trader Wesley Murphy as Duncan Fionnuala Murphy as Josephine Paul Tylak as DJ Mal Whyte as Cecil

What is man as a being for others and a being for God?

man as a being with others

Why is man a political being?

man as a political being

What is the biggest enemy of the kangaroo?

The main enemy of the kangaroo is man.This is because man actively seeks to cull kangaroo numbers as, due to overpopulation in some areas, they are regarded as pests.

How man destroys the natural vegetation?

man destroys the natural vegetation by cutting down trees, by killing plant life by spraying pests or any other chemicals on them, and by agriculture.

Mening of man as being for himself?

what is man as a being for himself

How are pests dangerous to man?

Pests are dangerous to humans because they carry biological hazards or diseases that can affect a single human being or a populous of humans. For instance one pest that helped strengthen the black plague would be the rat, it spread biologically hazardous materials from place to place and object to object, humans then in turn come into contact with these 'objects' causing spread of disease and so forth.

What does manhood mean?

Manhood is considered the stata of being an adult male with the qualities, such as courage and vigor, often thought to be appropriate for a man. The term is often used as a euphemism for the male genitalia.

Are wombats pests?

Wombats are native animals that generally keep to themselves and are not classified as pests. They are protected by law. If they are seen as pests, it is only by man who has intruded on the wombats' domain. Wombats are quite stubborn, and will make their way in a direct straight line to wherever they are going. This may sometimes result in damage to fences, crops and fields. Wombats are also often blamed for crop damage, although rabbits and kangaroos are more often the culprits. Although solitary animals, wombats live in large and complex networks of warrens, with interlinking burrows. These can weaken the soil surface, causing farm machinery to fall down wombat holes. It can also increase soil erosion.

What is a slang term for a woman married to a gay man?

The slang term is Fish-Wife.

What is man as a biological being?

: Man as a biological being-- : *man is a living organism who from birth is destined to die.

What is the term for a man made waterway often with locks?

A canal is a man-made waterway that often has locks.

Why is man a dynamic being?

Man is considered to be a dynamic being because man is able to develop good moral character or values. Man is a being that has functional thinking and reasoning.

How can cobras help man?

Cobras can control pests like mice and rats, it is a good idea to have many cobras around the house for this reason.

What is the difference between man as a social being and man as a biological being?

difference between man as asocial bieng and man as a biological bieng

Shane west dating?

Shane West is a known ladies man. He has been linked to many women and they are often changing. At the moment he has not spoken out about being with anyone or been rumored of being with anyone.

Difference of man as a special being and a man being a biological being?

In most Christian overviews- Man is made in the Image of God. God created animals also, but Man is in His Image and thus superior.

Why does being short make you less of a man?

Being short does not make you less of a man. A man of any height is still a man. A tall man is no greater a man than a short one.

Does the average man fantasize about being with another man?

average man.... no.