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Mars is tremendously farther away from the Earth than the moon is.


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because the moon is one quarter size of the earth.

No. The moon is closer to Earth than Mars is, but it orbits Earth independent of the motion of Mars. Sometimes the moon may appear right next to Mars in the sky while at other times it may be opposite Mars.

Earth has 1 moon, Mars has 2 Mars is smaller and Earth is bigger Mars only has frozen water, Earth has all states of water (liquid, gas, and solid)

No. That's the "Mars Hoax" that Mars will be close to Earth and appear "as bigas the full moon!". Not even close to being true.

The Moon is Smaller then the Earth.

Mars is bigger than Mercury. Mars is almost the same size as the Earth. Mercury is slightly bigger than our Moon.

the moon is smaller than the earth

No, Mars is much larger than Earth's moon.

The Moon is much closer to Earth than the Sun is, therefore making the moon appear to be as large or larger than the sun when viewed from Earth.

mars is obviously larger than our moon not Mercury

Yes, the moon is smaller then [sic] the earth. The earth is about sixty times larger than the moon.

No, it does not. The earth has a moon, and Mars does not. It is earth's moon, earth and the sun that are involved in eclipses. All of them. Without a moon, Mars cannot experience an eclipse.

The moon is way closer. That is why we can go to the moon but not to mars because mars is to far away.

The Moon is always closest to the Earth.

because mars is close to earth and the moon and the sun

The moon is way smaller than the earth otherwise the moon would be a planet

because the moon is much smaller than earth

It isn't smaller - Earth is larger.

The moon would be smaller then the earth>

Sometimes. Remember that the moon is revolving the Earth.

Mars has 38% approximative gravity to that of Earth, meaning Earth has almost three times as much. While the moon has 16.7% that of the Earth. Meaning Mars has a stronger gravitational pull then that of the moon.

The Earth's distance from the moon or Mars is always changing. The closest the moon can get to Earth is 225,622 miles. The farthest it can get is 252,088 miles. The closest possible distance from Earth to Mars is 33.9 million miles. Therefore the Earth is always much closer to the moon than Mars, no matter where they are in orbit.

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