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Miss Havisham's appearance reminds Pip of a ghost because she wears an old, tattered wedding dress and remains isolated in her decaying mansion. Her physical appearance mirrors her emotional state - stuck in the past, consumed by bitterness and regret. This juxtaposition of beauty and decay creates a haunting image that lingers in Pip's memory.

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Q: Why does miss havisham's apperance remind pip of?
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What does Pip worry about before he returns to Miss Havishams?

In chapter 12 he worries that she will shoot him dead

Who took Pip to meet miss havishams?

Pip was taken to meet Miss Havisham by his elder sister, Mrs. Joe, who thought it would provide Pip with an opportunity to improve his station in life.

Who is the guy pip had a fight with at ms havishams house?

The man that Pip fought with at Miss Havisham's house is Orlick. Orlick is a bitter, hostile character who harbors resentment towards Pip and has a history of being aggressive.

What was Pip to do at Miss Havishams's house?

Pip was to be a playmate for Miss Havisham's adopted daughter Estella and to receive gentlemanly grooming and education in the hopes that he would become a suitable husband for Estella in the future.

What was pip to do at miss havishams house?

Pip was there originally to keep Miss Havisham company and also to play with Estella which Miss Havisham enjoyed watching.

When pip came to miss havishams house to inquire about why she needed to see him who was in the room with miss havisham?

When Pip came to Miss Havisham's house, the person in the room with her was Estella, who was being raised by Miss Havisham to break men's hearts. Estella played a significant role in Pip's life and their interactions were often a central focus of the story.

Why was Pip disappointed with his visit to havishams house?

Estella was studying abroad[:

Why is Pip unable to play at Miss Havishams house?

Pip is unable to play at Miss Havisham's house because he is a common boy and she is a wealthy, eccentric woman who maintains a strict separation between herself and the outside world. Miss Havisham believes that Pip is not of her social class and therefore not suitable to play with her adopted daughter, Estella.

Who does Bentley Drummle remind Pip of?

Bentley Drummle's arrogance and haughty behavior remind Pip of the character of Compeyson, who was a con artist that mistreated Miss Havisham in the past. Both characters exhibit a sense of entitlement and selfishness that contrasts with Pip's own values and humility.

When pip ascended the staircase and knocked on the door of miss havishams room how did she know it was pip?

Miss Havisham knew it was Pip knocking on the door because she had been expecting him. She had arranged for him to come to visit Estella, so she was aware of his arrival. Additionally, she was very perceptive and observant, so she likely recognized his footsteps or his manner of knocking.

While at Miss Havishams house what happened to Pip?

While at Miss Havisham's house, Pip is introduced to Estella, whom he falls in love with. He experiences feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt due to Estella's haughty and condescending behavior towards him. Pip's encounter with Estella ignites his desire to improve himself and aspire for a higher social status.

What was joes reason for going to visit pip when he went to London with mr wopsle?

to tell him that he had a message from Miss Havisham