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Why does my 1999 voyager engine run hot when idle?

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Either your fans aren't working or the thermostat is stuck closed.

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Does throttle position sensor have anything to do with high idle when engine is cold?

yes hot or cold it affects idle speed

What should be the RPM reading when hot on a 1999 jeep Cherokee?

It will idle as low as 600 rpm.It will idle as low as 600 rpm.

Why does your car air condition blow hot air when idle?

Your car can only create cold air if the engine is running to make the coolant work correctly. If your car is idle, your engine is still hot but your engine isn't running so the air you are receiving is actually air heated by the engine.

What is normal oil pressure in a 1999 Chrysler Sebring?

Hot at an idle, 15-20 psi.

Is it bad for an automatic transmission car to be left in idle?

No, as long as the engine is not running hot it will not bother the transmission.

How do you stop fast idle speed when engine is hot on a 91 Honda civic with automatic transmission?

1,000 to 2000 depending on condition of engine

What will cause a car to stall in a 1998 Chevy Malibu?

Stalling at idle? Immediately after starting? While driving? While stopping? Cold or hot engine? What engine do you have?

What is the typical oil pressure of a 100000 mile motor in an l69 305 at idle and what oil should you use Thank you?

The oil pressure will depend on the condition of the engine. If you have 10 lbs at idle when engine is hot with this mileage, you are within specs. I would use 10W-30 oil. oil pressure of 10lbs and up is acceptable at hot idle. i like to use havoline 30wt oil. have never had a problem with it.

Why does the air condition on a 1991 silverado cool more at idle than while driving?

When the car is at idle, the air conditioner works just as hard as when the car is moving. When the car moves, the engine gets very hot. so the air conditioning works better when your at idle because it doesn't have to cool the heat from the engine.

Why does car engine rev when it's very hot outside?

I'm going to guess yo have the air on, that would mean that the idle compensator is out of adjustment and over revving the engine.

What psi of oil pressure is suggested on a 350 engine at idle and cruising speedixzz1W3VpzhTO?

You should have at least 20 lbs. of oil pressure when hot at idle, and 10 lbs. per 1000 rpm when cruising.

What causes very fast idle on a 1993 Toyota 4x4 pickup 22re?

Your idle control valve may cause this.It is located under the front of throttle body.It is a thermostatic control device.Water passes through and heats up thermostat and closes air passage and idles engine down.You can touch the ICV when engine is hot and it should also be hot since hot water flows through it.Sometimes a flow restriction may be the promblem, if it is not hot when engine is hot you have a flow promblem. this unit can be removed and cleaned. It also can be adjusted internally by turning a spanner nut, the more you run the nut in it slows down cold idle speed.....

Where do you safely poor engine coolant into your 1999 ford ranger?

The reservoir has two level lines - one for "cold engine" and the other for "hot engine". If the engine is hot, and the coolant level is low, fill the reservoir to the "hot engine" level. When the engine is cold and the level is low, I usually" top off" the radiator and fill the reservoir to the "cold engine" level.

What is normal oil pressure in a commercial vehicle?

Depending on vehicle and engine approx. 20- 50 lbs. at hot idle (700 rpm)

Should the top radiator hose get hot in a 1999 expedition?

Yes , when the engine thermostat is open

Engine hot to the touch?

Every vehicle gets hot to the touch, it doesnt mean that your over heating or anything... a Plymouth Voyager gets 195 Degrees. the heat is actually better for the invironment then when the engine is cold because the heat helps burn all gases and keeps it from the air.

1999 vw bug cuts off when engine get hot?

If your 1999 VW Bug's engine cuts off when it gets hot, you might have an issue with bad gas or with the distributor. Electrical problems will often appear at operating temperature. You could also have an issue with the oxygen sensors.

Why does 97 Cavalier run hot at idle speed and normal at 2000 rpm?

have you checked to make sure electric fan is working? Should come on at idle when engine is hot, or anytime a/c is on. there are two relays, a fuse and electric connection from thermostat that control this, if fan is not working, one of these is the likely problem.

Why does your John Deere 160 Riding lawnmower backfire when shutting off?

Not sure how to answer your question - has to do with a hot engine and fuel in the combustion chamber. Letting the engine idle for a few minutes before you kill it will cure the problem.

Which is a better a better phone a juke or a voyager?

well I'm not sure what a juke is but i know for a fact that the voyager is pretty hot if that helps you at all

Why will my suzuki Ozark not idle when hot?

you choke may be on

Why is it that when you turn the car off its still running?

Could be that your idle speed is too high, or engine is running too hot causing the PMC to deliver a richer mixture,

What should the oil pressure be at idle on a Chevrolet vortec v6?

Hot at idle in drive, 20 to 30 psi.

If you screw a idle screw while ATV is not hot what happens?

nothing happens. it's simply a matter of (typically) making idle adjustments after the engine and Carb. are up to normal operating temps. ( the exact required settings will be slightly different when cold, but will do no harm.)

What would cause oil in the coolant but no colant in oil and engine gets hot in 1999 plymoth vovager?

you have a bad head gasket

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