Why does my boyfriend who is uncircumcised and his penis - semen smell fishy after sex I smell bad too What can I do I'm douching with vinegar every other day?

Stop douching, get yourself and your boyfriend tested for an STD and/or bacterial infection. It sounds like you are sharing an infection.

Because he is uncircumcised he needs to retract his foreskin completely when he bathes everyday, washing the glans (head of the penis) with warm soapy water, rinsing well and drying completely.

The bacteria called trichomoniasis can cause a yellow, green, or gray vaginal discharge (often foamy) with a strong odor.

The bacteria that causes Bacterial Vaginosis can cause a strong odor and discharge, the discharge is usually thin, grayish white and is described as a "fishy" odor.

Trichomoniasis can usually be cured with the prescription drug, Flagyl or tinidazole.

Bacterial vaginosis treatment can be oral Flagyl, Metrogel, a vaginal gel or Cleocin, a vaginal cream.