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It has a fuel system leak, can be fuel line, etc.( liquid leak) or (fuses) faulty gas cap/fuel emission system leak.

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Why does the trunk of a car smell like gas?

Because there is gas in it.

Why does your car smell like gas on the exterior?

You have a gas leak.

Why does your car smell like gas when it is running?

because your engine is going to break down or when you start the car if the whether is cold, it makes it smell like gas

What does bad gas in your car smell like?

Varnish, or in other words it does not smell like gas, it smells almost burnt

If you use wrong gas in car can that make car smell like gas?

probably not you have a gas line leak

Why does you oil tank in your car smell like gas?

because oil is refined into gas

Why does my car smell like gas when i turn on the heater?

It is possible that a car can smell like gas when the heater is turned on for a few reasons. One possible reason that this happens could be a leak in the line.

Why would a car smell like gas once start?

my car smells like i have a petrol leak when i turn it on but have no leak underneath the car

Why does your car smell like gasoline when your heater is on?

it should have a GAS leak fix it ...unless you overfill gas tank then maybe that's smell temp.

What would make a car smell like rotten eggs and then start acting like it his bad gas?

If a car begins to smell like rotten eggs and then starts acting like it has bad gas, it may have been filled with the wrong type of fuel. This smell is common when diesel fuel is burned.

Car smell like gas when off?

Check your fuel cap or gas tank for leaks, or maybe the gas lines.

Why does my lumina Run rough smell gas after starting?

after start car smell gas why?

Why does the garage smell like gas when the car is in it?

If you can smell gas it's very likely you have a leak somewhere. Even a small leak will produce noticeable fumes.

Why is it that your car smell of gas for days after you fill up?

because your car has a gas leak

Is it safe to drive a car if you smell gas inside?

car smells of gas inside and out

What are the signs of gas in your car gas tank?

smell,and the fact that your car starts:gas gauge

Why would the inside of your car smell of gas?

if you have a gas leak.

Why would the car smells like the gas is not burning right?

got a 2003 trailblazer and you can smell gas when stopping at a corner our when you get out of it

Why do the spark plugs smell like gas?

why do my spark plugs smell like gas but the conductor is dry just the threads smell like gas and are also wet

Gas smell inside car?

If there is a gas smell inside a car the vehicle needs to be inspected for a gas leak. Stop driving the car and look for any holes in the gas tank. Leaking gas can be dangerous and can result in a fatal accident.

Why does the outback 2000 smell like propane gas when you stop the car?

the catylist coverter is shot

Why does your car smell like rotten eggs when you shut it off?

Typically this is caused when the fuel is burned uncleanly and the sulfur in gas makes it smell

Why would a car smell like gas when it is not running?

If you have a motor other than the car such as a lawn mower in the trunk it smells. Also if you just got gas it smells.

Should parsley smell like gas?

No. Not unless you want it to smell like gas, or purposedly spray gas on parsley.

What does Smoking Smell like?

It smells terrible it smells like old gas from the car when people smoke their teeth get ruined