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Why does my dog act like she doesn't like me sometimes?

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I've got a white Bishon Frise that pulls that off on me too. She's spoiled and snotty! She will not do this until my husband comes home from work, but as soon as he does I'm not even in the room and she'll even try to refuse to listen to commands from me, but I won't let her get away with it. If I were to leave in the car and go out with my girlfriends then she'd really miss me and my husband says all she does is lay on the carpet facing the door waiting for me to come home. Go figure! LOL Spending quality time with your dog for as often as you can and taking them for a brisk walk or letting them run in a field is a great way to bond. Don't be too upset with your dog because they play mind games too. LOL They are smarter than you think. Sometimes when I deal with humans all day all I have to say is I love just having fun with my two dogs and my cat Molly. They're uncomplicated and are loyal and plain fun to be with. They give us peace and settle our stress level down.

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