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Your betta fish keeps digging into the marbles at the bottom of the bowl what does this mean




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Q: Why does my goldfish keep fighting?
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Can Siamese fighting fish survive with goldfish in an aquarium?

NO. Goldfish are coldwater fish and the fighting fish are tropical.

Can goldfish mate with fighting fish?


Can goldfish eat betta fish food?

No. But goldfish can eat tropical fish food, like bettas can. Do not feed goldfish any food that is for betta fish only.They can, but shouldn't there isn't enough nutrients in the food to keep goldfish healthy. Try flakes or pellets made specifically for goldfish.Not particularly only if the fighting fish is territorial, if so, quickly take the fighting fish out of the tank

Do goldfish good pets to keep?

Do Goldfish make good Pets to keep? Yes with the right equipment.

Do goldfish eat fighting fish?

no, the fighting fish either attacks the gold fish or ignores it.

Your goldfish keep kissing what are they doing?

You are describing unusual behaviour for goldfish. Are you sure you have 'Goldfish' as in (Carassius auratus)?

How can you tell if two goldfish like each other?

The two goldfish will nibble each others tails, they are not fighting.

What fish go well with fantail goldfish without fighting?

most fish won't but another goldfish may work

Do fighting fish fight a goldfish?

If its a male probably yes if its a female it will not

How many fishes does a goldfish have?

Goldfish do not keep fish. Goldfish lay eggs they don't give birth to live young

What is the cheapest and easiest way to keep a goldfish?

The cheapest way to keep a goldfish is to keep it in a fish long as the bowl is big enough the fish will be happy there.

What will happen if you keep your goldfish in a bowl?

it will live

Can you keep goldfish from mating?

Yes. Separate them.

Will a snail keep a goldfish bowl clean?

Goldfish should not be in a tank any smaller than a 20 gallon PER goldfish.

What country produces the most goldfish?

China was the first to keep goldfish as pets, and continues to be the leading breeder and exported of goldfish in the world.

What is the best pH level for goldfish?

4 pH levels for a Goldfish to keep it alive longest

Will a koi bite a goldfish?

If the Koi is large enough it may well eat a goldfish fry but Goldfish and Koi are not fighting type fish so they do not normally bite one another.

How old can a goldfish live?

If you keep your goldfish in a good place with the right amount of food. Your goldfish could live for thirty years or longer.

Where are goldfish or fighting fish on the food chain of the ocean?

Goldfish and bettas (fighting fish) are freshwater fish, so they are not part of the ocean's food chain at all. In a freshwater environment, they are relatively low on the food chain.

When was Keep Fighting created?

Keep Fighting was created on 2007-01-19.

What breed of fish are good for beginners to keep?

Goldfish are pretty easy to keep.

Can keep goldfish and other fish in same tank?

Rule of thumb is to not mix tropical fish and goldfish.

What cold water fish can you keep in an aquarium?


What is the smallest amount of water to keep a goldfish in?


What is the best environment to keep a goldfish in?

a fish tank!