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I assume you have a sand filter if so you most likely have broken laterals in your filter. A lateral should allow water through but not sand. if you have a DE filter and you are getting what appears like sand in the pool, you have one or more of the filter grids that have holes and the DE is passing through the filter grids back to the pool.

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Q: Why does my pool filter blow dirt into the pool?
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Why does the dirt you are vacuuming come back in the pool?

Possibly because it is set on circulate and not on filter or if you have a cartridge filter the cartridge is damaged. Worn laterals in the sand filter can also cause sand to blow back into the pool.

Where does the dirt go when you vacuum the pool?

Into your filter

Does a penny clean your pool little blow up pool with a filter?


Do you need a filter for a swimming pool?

Yes. That is how the dirt is removed.

Why is there dirt on The steps and swim outs in my pool?

If this dirt lines up with the pool returns then you may have worn or broken filter problems.

While vacuuming pool particles blow out jets into pool?

You have one or more bad filter elements inside the filter. The filter needs to be serviced .

Why does Sand comes out of pool filter when backwashing?

Well if dirt comes out then you should clean off your feet before you get in,becouse your fet carry it in the pool then when the filter sucks up the dirt then the filter gets too much dirt in it and spits it out and you should proble clean the filter out once a month!

Why would dirt go through the filter back into the pool... It is a brand new filter?

Filter fitted back-to-front?

Why do you get dirt back in the pool when cleaning?

IT is possible that you have a damaged cartridge in a cartridge filter or the sand filter is not set on filter when you vacuum or the laterals in the sand filter are worn and it is blowing sand back into the pool.

Why do you have sand in your gunite pool?

If you have a sand filter the laterals in it may be starting to show signs of wear these wil blow sand from the sand filter into the pool when they wear out.

Dirt coming in pool from return line?

Check to see if filter has a hole or manifold is cracked.

I accidentally vacuumed dirt in my pool using backwash mode instead of waste mode. How do I get the dirt out from under the sand?

There wont be any dirt under the sand. When you vacuum your pool you should do it on filter mode Otherwise you will lose a lot of water for nothing, this would be especially wasteful in the case of a salt water pool. Ofter having vacuumed the pool on filter mode and if the pressure gets too high backwash. after backwash rinse for a minute, then return to filter.

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Why would dirt go through the filter back into the pool... It is a brand new filter?

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