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they have chemicals and preservatives that are bad for people but keeps the fruit better longer. personally i like organic better. it has a better taste. they all so have a good re zort in tell the 25-30 30$ for 2 weeks and free food and pool era and its all a skame

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Q: Why does non organic bananas last longer then organic?
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Do organic bananas last longer that non organic?

Yes! If you peel a non-organic and organic banana at the same time, you will find that the non-organic banana browns faster and looks less appetizing faster than the organic banana.

What is the difference between organic bananas and non organic bananas?

Organic bananas are pretty much the same except for the fact that they were grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Non organic bananas typically have a longer shelf life due to the excess amounts of chemicals.

Does organic fruit last longer than non-organic fruit?

No, organic food does not last longer. Non organic fruit lasts longer because the food has chemicals in it to keep it good longer.

Where do you find non organic bananas?

Non organic bananas can be purchased in any regular grocery store.

Does organic food last long as non organic?

If the food is fresh produce, there is little difference, if any, to how long organic and non-organic food will last. If it is processed food, additives and preservatives in non-organic foods will make them last longer than organic foods. So, the answer is processed non-organic foods are likely to last longer than organic processed foods because of preservatives added to the non-organic foods.

Where can you find non organic bananas?

Non-organic bananas can be found at most grocery stores, such as Walmart or Costco.

Does organic fruit last longer than non organic fruit?

There should be little difference in how long organic and non-organic fruits last unless the non-organic fruits have been treated with preservatives.

Would an organic or non organic vegetable last longer?

Unless the non-organic vegetable has been treated to give it a longer shelf life, both would last about the same amount of time.

Does non organic last longer?

If you mean does it store longer? Yes, usually it does due to preservatives added to it that are not added to organic foods.

Which foods mold the fastest organic or non organic?

Organic foods mold faster, since non-organic foods are processed with artificial preservatives to make the food last longer.

How long do chopped peppers last for?

It depends on if they are organic or not. Non-organic peppers will last longer. Up to 2 weeks should be okay. Organic peppers should last 5 to 7 days.

Does organic food not last as long as non organic food?

Unless non-organic food contains preservatives, organic food should last as long as non-organic.

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