Why does objects painted black dry faster than those white?

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Black absorbs more energy than white- this extra energy could explain the faster drying time.
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Do gas molecules diffuse faster than those of liquid?

Yes, molecules of a gas would diffuse more rapidly than those of a liquid. Since between molceules in a liquid there are stronger forces of attraction in a gas move faster. The reason why gas diffuses faster than liquid is because in liquid, there are many water molcules attacted together. In gas, i ( Full Answer )

Does wool dry faster than cotton?

It is believed that wool does dry faster than cotton. Many thinkthat wool does not absorb moisture like cotton does.

Why is an object black or white?

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Do heavier objects fall faster than light objects?

All objects in the same gravitational field fall at the same rate, or at least accelerate to their terminal velocity at the same rate regardless of their mass. This was demonstrated by a legendary experiment by Galileo (1564-1642) when dropped two cannon balls of different sizes from the Leaning Tow ( Full Answer )

Are heavy objects faster in water than light objects?

Depends which direction the object is travelling in the water. If the object is on top of the water, the lighter object would befaster. If the object is sinking in the water, the heaver object would befaster.

Will a blowdryer make oil paint dry faster?

I have tried a blowdryer. Mine has a cool blast button that just pushes cool air through. This helps but not really enough to make a huge difference. The best thing is just to wait. There are some sites that recommend baking it at a very low temperature (not over 130 degrees F) and some that recomme ( Full Answer )

How come a white person's hair grows faster than a black person's hair.?

I don't think that's true. Typically a white person's hair is straighter than a black person's hair so the change in length is more obvious when it's growing out. Also, black peoples' hair is thicker, so growing it may take more time. It doesn't. All people's hair gets to a certain point when it s ( Full Answer )

How come white hair grows faster than black hair?

In my opinion it's all about the genes, but for example Indian peoples hair growth rate i think is the fastest of all the races. But black people hair grows as fast as it break so usually they think it's not growing. Black people with dreadlocks hair can grow to the ground. But use of chemicle usual ( Full Answer )

Why a heavy object does not fall faster than a light object?

The following formula allows you to calculate the force exerted by the Earth on an object: F=km/(r*r). F is the force the Earth's gravity exerts on the object, k is the mass of the Earth times Sir Isaac Newton's constant, m is the mass of the object, and r is the distance from the object to the cent ( Full Answer )

Why are black men faster than white men?

Black men generally have higher testosterone levels, and have a greater percentage of fast twitch muscle. There are some fast white men too though. Christophe Lemaitre ran 9.98.

Why does the sun attract black objects more than white?

The Sun doesn't exactly "attract" black objects.\n. \nBlack objects absorb all the light and heat radiation that falls on them, and hence get heated to a greater extent. \nWhite objects, on the other hand, reflect almost all of the light and heat and hence, get heated to a much smaller degree.

Does a black object get warmer in the sunlight than a white object?

Most of sunlight is in the visible range of the spectrum. A black object by definition absorbs all visible light, while a white object reflects all visible light. The black object absorbs most of the energy from sunlight, turning it into heat.

How do you make Acrylic paint dry faster?

Almost any paint will dry faster when it's warmer and if there's air circulating. The heat speeds up both diffusion and evaporation, and the circulating air keeps solvent vapor from building up near the surface and slowing the rate of evaporation.

What drys paint faster hot or cold?

Heating paint increases the rates of both diffusion and evaporation, so paint dries faster when it's warmer.\n. \nSome places that sell paint smear a little on the lid to show the color after it's been mixed. They will often use a heat gun ... sort of an industrial strength hair dryer ... to dry th ( Full Answer )

Do black objects lose heat faster?

Faster than what?. The answer is probably yes - black objects both absorb and radiate heat faster than objects of other colours, but surface finish (glossy or matt) also has an effect.

Do heavier object fall faster than lighter object?

If and when that happens, it happens only because of the effects of air resistance. Considering only the effects of gravity, the answer is no . All objects accelerate at the same rate regardless of mass/weight. At equal times after the drop, all objects are traveling at the same speed. . It's m ( Full Answer )

Does cotton dry faster than nylon?

Cotton takes a longer time to dry than nylon due to its waterretention capacity. Nylon does not hold water very well and canalso have the effect of repelling water.

Do hevey objects fall faster than light objects?

Not in a vacuum. All objects, regardless or mass, density, or whatever, fall with the same speed in a vacuum. Some objects may appear to fall more slowly than others (example, a flat piece of paper or a feather vs. a rock), but this is usually due to air resistance. All objects, when falling on eart ( Full Answer )

Does milk chocolate dry faster than white chocolate?

No, because white chocolate is not really chocolate.White chocolate isn't a natural product. Because white chocolate has no cocoa solids from the chocolate liquor, the FDA doesn't classify it as chocolate. However, the organization is working with chocolate manufacturers to establish a standard defi ( Full Answer )

Why black coffee cool faster than white coffee?

well the hypothesis tells us that black coffee is naturally hotter than white coffee but the actual answer to this question is that white coffee cools faster because milk has its own temperature and will definitely make a difference.

How come white people hair grow faster than black people hair?

Black people usually have curly hair, which means that each strandwill kinda roll up on itself. So if you took the hair, pulled itstraight and measured it, it'd probably be about as tall as a whiteperson's hair. But as it's curly, it'll look shorter.

How do you make puffy paint dry faster?

Put it in the microwave for 10-30 seconds, but make sure whatever you put into the microwave is not going to melt or catch on fire. Make sure to have a parent know what you are going to put into the microwave before you do.

Why a heavy object does not falle faster than a light object?

When heavy objects roll down something, fricition is involved. Friction is made by the rubbing of one thing against the other. Try rubbing your hands together reallly fast. Do your hands feel warm? Heavy objects have more friction, which slows down the heavy object. Lighter objects have less frictio ( Full Answer )

How do you dry your hair faster than usual?

while you're drying your hair, do ten seconds of hot wind then ten seconds of cold wind. do this repeatedly until its almost dried.leave comments on a next paragraph plz!:P

When will the White House be painted black?

The White House will be painted black, when Alaska becomes a dark land with no snow. Approximately 19 years, 7 months and 23 days. Also, the White House is actually located in Alaska.

Does nylon dry faster than polyester?

no, because polyester absorbs water but nylon doesn't. so the absorbency help polyester to dry faster. YAY! I'm awesome! penguins will soon take over ice cream!

Do pants dry faster than shirts?

No- from my experience with drip-dry cottondrying on a line. In fact, pants may dry a little slower- the waist area takes longer, it seems. Rayon and polyester dry faster than cotton regardless whether they are shirts or pants.

Does black melt faster than white?

Not specifically. Something black, however, will absorb radiant energy faster than something white, so that would make it seem that black (materials) melt faster than white (materials).

Does primer paint dry faster in the sun?

Primer will dry faster in the direct sun, Sometimes too fast in fact. Check your label instructions or manufacturer's technical data sheet to ensure that the air, paint and surface temperatures all are within the proper range, usually 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, before painting the surface.

Are blacks faster in races than the whites?

Actually, the ability to run depends on the leg muscles. People with shorter leg muscles (not necessarily the length of the leg itself) have a far greater take-off speed and fare better at short distances doing sprints. Their muscle endurance is very limited. The long muscled legs tend to provide ( Full Answer )

Why is the acceleration is faster in small objects than in large objects?

The difference is due to inertia. Inertia is the resistance to a change in motion (acceleration). A more massive object will have greater inertia, and therefore a greater resistance to a change in motion, resulting in a slower acceleration. A less massive object has lower inertia, and therefore less ( Full Answer )