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Because it has a lower specific heat capacity than water.

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because oil has fat in it so its heat quicker and water has no fat i do catering

Because the water is denser than the cooking oil. :)

Coconut oil is not very volatile. It has the same boiling point with water. But water vaporizes quicker than cooking oil.

Oil can heat up to a higher temperature than water (it has a higher boiling point), and because it is hotter the food gets cooked more quickly.

i think that oil burns faster than oil because oil has a greater thermal co-officiancy than water

oil, it has low specific heat than water, meaning that it's substance will heat up faster

Oil holds more heat (has a higher heat capacity) than air or water.

NO! Water being a polar liquid requires much more energy to heat than a non-polar liquid like oil.

Water is used in household radiators instead of oil because of high specific heat and high heat of vaporization. Water is also cheaper than oil.

because the oil makes the water have more heat which makes the water boil fast.

I would say the water is quicker Sound travels fastest through more dense materials. Oil is more is less dense than water, meaning that sound travels faster through water than oil.

Motor oil heats faster than water, as water has one of the highest specific heat capacities. (It takes more energy to increase the temperature of 1 kg of water by 1 °C than to increase the temperature of 1 kg of oil by 1°C)

Yes, because oil has a different specific heat than water

No, it is not safe to heat oil with the usual water kettle since oil is highly inflammable.

Oil change temperature faster than?æ water because it has lower specific heat capacity as compared to water. Specific heat capacity?æ is the amount of heat energy required to rise the temperature of a?æunit mass of substance by one degree Celsius.

The boiling point of oil is higher than water and absorbs more heat .When hot oil is poured in a glass container the heat is conducted through the cold glass which expands and breaks while in hot water the heat energy absorbed is less and the glass heat is dissipated slowly to avoid sudden expansion.

Tap water heats up faster than cooking oil, but cooking oil cools down quicker. We discovered this in doing an experiment that measures cooling rate at 30 second intervals. The experiment was done two days ago, we did two tests and we believe we are acurate. If you would like to try for yourself, heat up the same amount of cooking oil and tap water and time it while it cools. Don't believe everything you hear, but do it yourself!

Thermal capacity (heat change per unit temperature change) of oil is a lot less than that of water, so a small amount of heat change (eg convection of air above it) is associated with larger temperature change in the case of oil.

No. Water is heavier than oil.

Oil is less dense than water. That is why oil floats on water.

Yes, Water weighs more than Oil as Oil floats on water.

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