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Without the environment you wouldn't be able to live. The enironment is an extremely important part of our lives and nowadays people aren't respecting it.

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Q: Why does one need an environment?
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Why you need to adapt to your environment?

You need to adapt to your environment for various reasons. The most important and obvious one is that you need to do so in order to survive and not die due to the elements.

Why do living things need one another?

To depend on their environment.

You need the slogan for environment awareness?

I need a slugan for environment.

Explain why you need to conserve your environment?

We all need to conserve our environment because we currently are destroying it and one day it might not be there and will eventually lead to the extinction of the human species.

Concept of environment?

There are many concepts of the environment that need to have special attention. One important concept is the idea behind protection.

Why do you need to conserve the physical environment?

we need to conserve the physical environment in order to live

Why do you need to protect the environment and how?

by not over polluting the environment

Why is the need to conserve environment?

with population growth, increased consumption and urbanization there is a need to conserve environment

Why there is a need for public awareness to maintain the quality of environment.?

There are many issues that need public awareness. Quality of environment needs public awareness because it is one of the things that will impact humans the most. If the environment is in poor quality, every part of a humans life will be changed.

Why do animals need to adapt themselves to their environment?

animals need to adapt to there environment because if there environment was changed and they didn't adapt to it they would all die

Why do trees need climate?

Trees need an environment to grow. ny environment has some sort of climate.

Need for public awareness about environment?

The public should know how to protect the environment because they need to understand how they can help. If everyone did their part there would be less damage to the environment.

What type of environment does a guinea pig need?

A loving one that does not have lots of loud noise and is near people.

What are the importance of marketing environment?

why do we need to do marketing environment? what are the answers to this question?

Why study the environment?

we need to study the environment because that is what teacher said ^^.......

What traits does a family pet need to survive in its environment?

Depends what environment it is in.

Why do you need to protect your environment?

We need to care our environment environment is clean so we may protect ourselves from diseases.we can see that our environment is suffering from pollution if we do pollution it may create a problem.we must save abiotic compnents.

What is the organizational environment?

The organization environment is an environment in which everything is orderly and well-put. This helps people find what they need.

What type of environment does a starfish need to survive?

It needs a salt-water environment.

What is your ideal work environment?

A work environment that needs you more than you need it!

How is environment used in a sentence?

"People need to work hard to protect our environment."

How do you think the environment has shaped the lives of the people?

You need to define which people and which environment

Is man justified in exploiting the environment?

NO, we need to preserve the environment not only for generations to come but for ourselves. We need to follow the basic principles of environment protection i.e. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Does the environment affects the personality of one person?

Yes, for example, some people need a lot of sunlight to be healthy.

Why do we need to protect and conserve the environment?

we need to protect our environment becuase if we pollute the environment the plants will die and animals will die [herbivores]then omnivores will also die and also people will die without oxygen and food