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Why does one rabbit go over another rabbit and pull fur from its neck?

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The rabbits could have been fighting. Where there other signs of aggression? You shouldn't let your rabbits fight: it can be emotionally traumatic for the bunnies, and physically dangerous (even small cuts can turn into big abscesses).

Or maybe the rabbit was just grooming, but going a bit too far. Are the rabbits generally snuggly together? Over-grooming can lead skin irritation, and if too much fur is swallowed the rabbit can have digestive problems (including deadly GI stasis), so try to discourage your rabbits from over-grooming.

Or maybe the rabbit was doing nesting behaviour. Normally rabbits pull their own fur but if the bunny is making a nest of fur, then she's either pregnant or going through a false pregnancy. False pregnancies are stressful for rabbits. Spaying the bunny will prevent false pregnancies, ovarian cancer, and some behavioural problems.

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Does it hurt your rabbit when they pull their fur out?

No it does not hurt a rabbit when there pull out their own fur

What happens if your rabbit bites another rabbit?

This could mean that the rabbit wants to mate, or else he's just angry and is starting a fight. If the fighters are your rabbits, pull them and keep them away from each other. Rabbits have thin, sensitive skin, so when a rabbit bites another he could make the other bleed. Sometimes they just pull the hair out, but this is also very painful.

Why would a rabbit pull out another rabbits fur?

There are several reasons why this can happen. When rabbits are fighting they will often pull out the other rabbits hair. When nest building, the female will sometimes pull out the males hair to build her nest with. Sometimes it can be a part of over grooming where one rabbit becomes so intently focused on cleaning the other that they end up developing bald patches.

What stage of pregnant does a rabbit pull fur out?

The female rabbit pull out it fur in the last stages of giving birth

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Does a rabbit pull its fur out if pregnant?

Yes when a female rabbit is pregnant it pulls out it fur to provide warmth for the baby rabbits

When a rabbit is about to have babies do they pull there hair out to make a nest or another rabbits hair out?

Yes! this is completely normal, in the wild they dig a hole and fill it with fur and grass for a nest.

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