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Why does one rabbit go over another rabbit and pull fur from its neck?


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March 24, 2012 5:27PM

The rabbits could have been fighting. Where there other signs of aggression? You shouldn't let your rabbits fight: it can be emotionally traumatic for the bunnies, and physically dangerous (even small cuts can turn into big abscesses).

Or maybe the rabbit was just grooming, but going a bit too far. Are the rabbits generally snuggly together? Over-grooming can lead skin irritation, and if too much fur is swallowed the rabbit can have digestive problems (including deadly GI stasis), so try to discourage your rabbits from over-grooming.

Or maybe the rabbit was doing nesting behaviour. Normally rabbits pull their own fur but if the bunny is making a nest of fur, then she's either pregnant or going through a false pregnancy. False pregnancies are stressful for rabbits. Spaying the bunny will prevent false pregnancies, ovarian cancer, and some behavioural problems.

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