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Many people have very different tastes of beauty. For example, some people think blondes are prettier than brunettes. But then others think brunettes are prettier than blondes.

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You're beautiful in spanish?

Speaking to a woman or girl-- Eres bella (you are a beautiful person) Estas bella (You look beautiful -- right now -- This is to say some one looks beautiful in their dress, make-up, or something temporary. It is NOT a backhanded comment. It is complimenting some one on the way they look now)

How do you use supercitious in a sentence?

Supercilious means to look or behave in a manner where one thinks one is superior to others; haughtily or disdainful. "The look on her face was supercilious, she did not think much of that woman. ".

How do you know if you're beautiful?

every one is beautiful, don't worry about how you look.

Worlds most beautiful women?

Heidi Klum got voted most beautiful woman last year I believe, but the one who got voted most beautiful woman this year, is Jennifer Lopez.

Who is the prettiest woman on earth?

Everyone is beautiful in their own way! There is more than one prettiest woman!

Can a beautiful woman stay with one man?

of course she can, why would she not be able to?

Who sang when you're in love with a beautiful woman?

The person who sang when you're in love with a beautiful woman was Dr. Hook. Made in the 70s. The 70s is one of my favorite decade!

Who is the most beautiful girl in US?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The same woman may be beautiful to one person yet not beautiful to another person.

Which country in African has the most beautiful women?

That is all your opinion and what you find beautiful in a woman; no one can make up your mind for you.

When you write an adjective do you place a comma after the adjective?

If a sentence has one adjective, then a comma is not necessary after the adjective. Example: She is a beautifulwoman.However, if there is a series of adjectives (coordinate adjectives) modifying the same noun, then a comma (or and) is necessary to separate the adjectives. Example: She is a beautiful, smart woman. She is a beautiful and smartwoman.

What does it mean when a guy thinks your cute and another woman is beautiful?

Well if you look at a cute pair of shoes and therereally cute, but then you see a pair of heels you think are beautiful, which one would you get? And beautiful is a stronger word than cute well there is really no way to explain it but that's what I came up with.

What are advantages of cosmetics?

it makes some one look attractive, beautiful.

What does feliz dia hermosa mean in English?

That means "Beautiful day, beautiful one". Since "hermosa" is feminine, the speaker is talking to a girl or woman.

How can you find a beautiful Asian woman to marry?

Just go to Asia. You will find one instantly.

Who was the First beautiful woman in Egypt?

the first one with a statue for us to see was Queen Nefertiti

How do you becoem beautiful?

You become beautiful when you can look yourself in the mirror every day, and say "I was fearfully and wonderfully made." No one can take you from being you, there is not a duplicate in this world as original as you are, so simply be yourself don't worry about what others think, worry about what you think of yourself.

What is 'What a beautiful woman' when translated from English to Italian?

Che Bella Donna is one Italian equivalent of 'What a beautiful woman'. The interrogative 'che' means 'what'. The feminine adjective 'Bella' means 'beautiful'. The feminine noun 'Donna' means 'woman, lady'. All together, they're pronounced 'keh BEHL-lah DOHN-nah'.

How do you make a woman lovely all times?

Fall in love with her and she will become "the most beautiful woman in the universe!". This is absolutely true!!!! (I wish someone had "warned" me, it was like a lightswitch flipping: one day she was pretty the next she was "the most beautiful woman in the universe!" and every time I noticed something I had never noticed before she became more beautiful)

Does Slovakia have most beautiful women?

Angelina Jolie is known as one of the most beautiful woman, and she is slovak on her dad's side. So using this info, you decide.

Is it disrespectful to show beauty to others whom one does not know?

of course not!, Be beautiful,it's better if you are (:

What does a Mormon church Font look like?

They are so beautiful this is one in a temple.

What are the function of handicraft?

The function of handicrafts as I see it is to make functional or beautiful things that satisfy you to make them and satisfy others to look at or even buy them. - One of the things I get immense satisfaction from is finding a piece of rare wood and turning it into a beautiful ornament , clock or table. -This is truly handicrafting.

What would Aphrodite look like if she was human?

yes,the most beautiful one on earth

Which is the most beautiful city in Nepal?

that is your opinion! well, a really beautiful one in my opinion(which might be different from others) is Pokhara. i believe lumbini isn't bad either.

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