Why does passenger window not work but drivers window does on your Toyota MR2 1996?


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If it is electric windows it is the motor which needs replacing or it could be the regulator


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Try behind the drivers seat and underneath the passenger seat in a little cubby on the floor.

If a 1996 Toyota RAV4 is the same as the 1997, then it's under the front passenger seat. Cheers...

Yes Drivers air bag and passenger air bag.

under the passenger side dash on the right

We had a 1996 Camry. The window activation constantly blew a fuse for the speedometer, dash lights, etc. My mechanic said over the phone that it was a wire short in the drivers door, and sure enough, that was it.

this is because he was a monkey this is because he was a monkey

The Ecu is mounted under the passenger side dashboard. To access it you have to remove the glove box.

The location of the AC fuse on a 1996 Toyota Corolla is underneath the hood. The fuse will be in the drivers side fuse box and should be clearly marked.

Drive side 20" passenger side 18"

A 1996 Ford Ranger could be equipped with a passenger side airbag ( SRS ) * so maybe yes and maybe no * All the 1996 Ford Ranger models have a drivers side airbag

A starter solenoid will be located on top of the starter assembly. A 1996 Toyota Tacoma starter assembly is located under the vehicle next to the passenger wheel.

The 1996 Toyota Tercel brake cable runs from the emergency brake lever to the rear wheel. The emergency brake is on the passenger side rear wheel.

snap the black cover off inside the drivers door in front of the window undo blots disconnct wire fairly simple

I heard you have to take half the motor apart to get to them.

It is located on the drivers side, under the dash, mounted on the drivers side of the steering column.

passenger door lock cylinder. its a 5 digit and letter code.

Try on top of the accumulator /drier at the passenger side firewall

The horn is located inside the drivers side fender, behind the window washer resivore.

it is in you ecu witch should be under drivers seat, if not it is under passenger side dash

Yes it is. The Ford F-series trucks windows are the same from 1980 to 1996

It uses the same one for the front, found in engine bay, and uses a long hose to bring water to rear window

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