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Why does photosynthesis occur during the day and not at night?

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Beacuse the plants use the energy from the sun to turn into their own energy and food, glucose is involed to, somewhere

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Is the photosynthesis occur at night?

Most types of photosynthesis (C3 & C4) occur only during the day, however plants that use CAM photosynthesis open their stomata during the night to take in the gases essential for photosynthesis withoug losing the water in the cells. They then use the CO2 to produce glucose throughout the day.

Why does plant respiration occur during the night and not during the day?

plants respire during the day as well the rate of respiration is lower than the rate of photosynthesis in the day

Does photosynthesis and cellular respiration occur during the night?

Respiration is taken place all day. Dark reaction of photosynthesis takes place at night

Why does photosynthesis only occur during the day?

It occus during the day because there is sunlight presented. If there is no sunlight, there will be no photosynthesis.

Does photosynthesis occur at night?

Light is essential for photosynthesis to occur because it is the source of energy, so it doesnt occur during the night. However, CAM plants have the capability to run the light reactions during the day (when there is light) and the Calvin cycle at night. They do this by only opening their stomata at night and allowing the gas exchange then. This is done as a way to reduce the effects of transpiration in dry climates.

Does photosynthesis happen during the day?

Yes. For Photosynthesis to occur one of the components required is light (often writien above the arrow of the equation). 6CO2 + 6H2O ==> C6H12O6 + 6O2. Because the sun expells light during the day then photosynthesis can occur during the day. :) Yes. For Photosynthesis to occur one of the components required is light (often writien above the arrow of the equation). 6CO2 + 6H2O ==> C6H12O6 + 6O2. Because the sun expells light during the day then photosynthesis can occur during the day.

What two reactions occur in photosynthesis?

Light-dependent reaction (can only take place during the day) and the Light-independent reaction (can take place during the day and at night).

Does cellular respiration occur simultaneously with photosynthesis in plants?

Plants perform both cellular respiration and photosynthesis during the day, but only perform cellular respiration during the night because of the lack of light.

When does photosynthesis happen night or day?

Since photosynthesis requires sunlight, it can only happen during the day.

Can auroras only occur at night?

They occur day and night, but are more easily seen during the night.

Do tornadoes occur mostly at night or day?

Tornadoes are more common during the day, but they happen at night fairly often as well. About 58% of tornadoes occur during the day.

How stomata occur during night?

Stomata do not occur - during the night or day. Stomata are physical features of leaves: they are there from when the leaf is created to when it dies.

Do tornadoes happen more frequently at night or during the day?

More frequently during the day, but they certainly do occur at night, too

How does the day and night occur?

How does day and night occur? Day and night occur because of earths rotation. It turns dark outside when the sun is on the other side of earth. All of this happens during the 24 hour cycle.Basiclly I'm saying is when the Earth rotates on its axis day and night occur.

Which trees release oxygen during the day and also during the night?

Oxygen is a product of photosynthesis, and as light is required for photosynthesis, and no light is present at night, there is no tree that releases oxygen during the night. Hope that helps, lm 9

Do solar eclipses occur at night?

no its only during the day

When does respiration take place in plants?

Respiration in PlantsRespiration is always occurring in plants; that is to say, plants are continuously taking in oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide and water in the mitochondria. Photosynthesis only occurs during daylight,* in addition to respiration. * Although the light reactions of photosynthesis can only occur during the day, the dark reactions of photosynthesis in CAM plants occur during the night.

Why The Stomata Opening are Closed During Night?

stomata only open during the day and close at night becasue plants only photosynthesis during the day cos they need the sun which isn't visible at night.

What do plants do at night to survive?

Since plants conduct photosynthesis during the day, the glucose which they make during the day or when the sun is present is used in cellular respiration during the night. In addition, the energy they have stored during the day is just used for survival at night.

Does cellular respiration occur in plants or animals?

In both. In plants they use photosynthesis during the day and at night they use cellular respiration because there is no sun to produce the energy needed with photosynthesis. In animals they only use cellular respiration.

Does a neap tide only happen at night or during the day?

A neap tide can occur at any time of the day or night.

Why does photosynthesis happen during the day?

Photosynthesis happen during the day because for Photosynthesis sunlight is required.

Temperature inversions can occur when?

hot air rises during the night and sinks during the day.

Why doesn't lightning occur during the day?

Lightnigh occurs both day and night, it is just easier to see at night, as it is not masked by the light of day.

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