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Could be the water level of the pool is too low. Top up with the hose into the skimmer basket.

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Q: Why does pool skimmer's weir door get stuck?
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Why use skimmer door?

Your skimmer door is called a weir. A weir is a pivoting flap, door or dam in a skimmer that keeps bugs and leaves from re-entering a pool or spa by collecting the debris in a basket while letting water recycle through the filter system.

Is the weir necessary in the skimmer?

The weir door is not a necessity - however it does help prevent debris that's accumulated inside the skimmer basket from floating back into the pool when the pump shuts off. I guess if you are really really good about keeping baskets clean ORRRR if you run your pump 24/7 - then I guess the weir door is useless. But rarely does anyone do either! So I would keep the weir door in! Improvement suggestion 6-11 The weir increases the water flow into the skimmer by reducing the opening of the skimmer. The increased water flow occurs at the surface and this improves skimming of oils and debris from the surface of the pool. A weir may or may not be required by the code officials. It is not a disaster if it is missing but it is a desired feature.

Why are your skimmers not working?

Your skimmer line may be plugged up, in which case you may be able to blow it out with a Co2 cannister or a water bladder. Your water level may be too high, it should be about 1/2 way up the skimmer opening, or your weir may be stuck or completely gone. You can buy replacement weirs.

Will adding a skimmer plate reduce filter pressure in a pool?

If you mean a weir, the answer is no. The weir is meant to keep the bugs, leaves, etc from going back out onto the surface of the pool especially when the system shuts down. By skimmer plate, just what do you mean by the term? Ken

What direction does a skimmer weir face Does the lip go on top or bottom and does it face the skimmer or pool?

Does it go from the top or bottom

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