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Rain water is not pure water. Rain water contains small amounts of ions as minerals and salt as well as pollutants. This means that it is a solution of ions, making it an electrolyte (conducts electricity).

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Why does distilled water not conduct electricity whereas rainwater does?

For a material to conduct electricity it needs to have free charge carriers. I.e. particles with charge that can move around the material. Distilled water, or pure water only contains H2O molecules, which are neutral. Rainwater on the other hand also contains other materials such as salt, which in water falls apart into positive and negative ions. These are serviceable charge carriers, and therefore rainwater can conduct electricity.

Is rainwater a good conductor of electricity?

Nope, it's as good as good water.Very poor conductors (literally insulator) of electricity as there are no charged particles (free ions) to conduct electricity

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Why doesn't sodium oxide conduct electricity?

covalent bonds do not conduct electricity covalent bonds do not conduct electricity covalent bonds do not conduct electricity

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Why does CCl4 not conduct electricity?

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Do plants conduct electricity?

Actually, plants do conduct electricity. When they conduct sugars from their body they have a magnetic filed. Therefore plants do conduct electricity.

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No, methanol does not conduct electricity. It does not conduct electricity because it is a non-electrolyte molecule. Sugar also is non-electrolyte, therefore it also does not conduct electricity.

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