To Kill a Mockingbird

Why does reverend Sykes ask scout to stand when her father passes?


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He asked her to stand because it means your giving respect back to that person


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Because her father (Atticus) has just served Tom Robinson justice for not raping Mayella Ewell. Reverend Sykes tells Scout to stand up as a sign of respect for her father as well.

Reverend Sykes tells Scout her father is dying. He tells her in the court room "Stand up Ms Jean Louise, your father is passing.". This is also the time that Atticus Finch leaves the court room.

Lulu is an undeducated church member of Calpurnia's church who isn't welcoming Jem and Scout to the church because they are white. Sykes is the reverend of Calpurnia's church.

They go sit in the upper balcony with reverend sykes.

He thought the content of the trial was too R-rated for her.

Jem, Scout, and Dill sat next to Reverend Sykes at the trial.

It was because she didn't fully understand what was going on anyway.

Jem, Scout and Dill all sit in the colored balcony of the courthouse. They end up sitting with Reverend Sykes in the balcony.

Because the things they are talking about are not for a child to hear hence dill and scout

Since the bottom level of the courthouse is full, Scout and Jem sit with Reverend Sykes in the balcony with the African Americans.

Among Black citizens, Atticus has become a hero. They give up their seats as a sign of respect for the children's father. It is the Reverend who has to nudge the children to stand when Atticus leaves the courtroom. They had not yet learned their father was so deeply respected in town.

The black Reverend and Dill are with Scout and Jem. They all sit in the first row of the balcony. When Atticus leaves the courtroom, the Reverend insists that Jem and Scout stand in respect for their father.

its not calpurnia, its Reverend Sykes. he says that when Calpurnia takes scout and jem to the blacks church.

Sykes doesn't let them leave because he wanted to see their mother's possy and fucq in the azzhole so hard that she begged for more so scout had to get fucqed in her possy and azzhole in order for Sykes to let them leave.

Because the kids are to young to understand the situation that is happening but it is mostly because of the cussing by the Ewellls. =) (Your Welcome)

Because he thinks he can never force Scout to leave without him taking Scout home himself, if he does take her home he will miss Bob Ewell's testimony, plus Scout will insist to stay anyway (being an inquisitive girl she is) , so he has no other choice but to let Scout stay and tell Rev. Sykes that she's only 9 years old and therefore won't understand what's going on anyway; particularly the profanity and cussing by the Ewells.

Do you go to my school? We have to answer the same question for tonight's homework... Anyway, I looked it up and the answer is that they sit up in "The Colored balcony" with Reverend Sykes.

Because some of the stuff that is being discussed is not for a child to hear, but Jem says it's okay because she doesn't understand it anyway.

Jem and Scout sit in the segregated section of the courtroom: in the balcony with the black population of Maycomb. When they first arrive at the courthouse, they can't find seats, and Reverend Sykes offered to take them to the balcony with him.

Lula Zeebo is the black woman who confronts calpurnia about having white chillun in First Purchase church when cal takes jem and scout there. Reverand Sykes is the black man who preaches at first purchase and is nice to jem and cout and sits with them during toms trial

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