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Why does salt dissolve in a salt water solution?

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If more salt will dissolve in a saltwater solution, it is for the simple reason that there is more 'room' for more salt to dissolve. Salt will only dissolve in salt water solutions which have not reached salt saturation.

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How do water and salt dissolve together?

Sodium does go into solution with H20, but Pure Water is also a perfect insulator, therefore the answer is salt will dissolve into a water based solution, but water does not dissolve into salt.

Is pepper and water a solution?

Pepper and water is not a solution, it is a mixture because the pepper will not dissolve. If you're wondering if salt and water is a solution, it is because it's the solution saltwater and the salt does dissolve unlike the pepper.

A salt will dissolve in water to form what?

Salt dissolves in water to form a solution.

Example of liquid solution?

Dissolve salt (NaCl) in water (H2O) and you get a liquid solution of salt.

Is salt and water a mixture A solution is it both a mixture and a solution?

Salt and water is a mixture. In a mixture you can mix them together then take them apart. When you put salt in water the salt does not dissolve therefore it is a mixture. If salt dissolved in water it would then be a solution,but salt does not dissolve in water so it is a mixture.Salt does dissolve in water to form a solution, which is a mixture. If a chemical that was insoluble in water was added to water, a mixture would also be formed. Slaf can be separated from water by evaporation and crystallisation, the undissolved chemical by filtration.

When you dissolve salt in water what mixture is produced?

Salt dissolved in water is a solution, not a mixture. The result is called a saline solution.

How do you form sand and water solution?

Sand grains will not dissolve in water. Therefore, sand and water can not form a solution. Salt and water can make a (saline) solution, because the salt crystals will dissolve completely into the water.

Why is a mixture of clay and water not a solution?

The clay does not dissolve in the water. To be a solution the solute must completely dissolve in the solvent, like salt dissolved in water.

Does salt dissolve in lemonade?

Yes, since lemonade is a 'watery' solution (>90% water) it will also dissolve salt.

Does water dissolves any substances?

Water can dissolve many materials to create a solution. For example salt dissolves into water. If the water is saturated, or full of salt in simple terms, the salt wont dissolve. ---------------------------------------------- No' water will not dissolve ANY substance. For instance water will not dissolve candle wax. However' water will dissolve SOME substances. For instance water will dissolve sugar or salt.

Is salt mix in water a saturated solution?

When you first mix the salt into the solution the salt will dissolve into the water. As you keep on pouring more salt into the water eventually the salt will stop dissolving and once the salt stops dissolving the solution is then saturated.

How can you make a salt solution?

Add salt to a solvent the salt is the solute, and lets say water is the solvent. The salt will dissolve so you have a solution.

What happens when you mix pour water into the salt?

When water is added to salt (NaCl), the salt will dissolve in the water, making a homogeneous solution.

Is salt a compound orisbit a solution?

Table salt, sodium chloride, is an ionic compound. If you dissolve that salt in water you will create a solution.

Is solvent the same as solution?

No. The "solvent" is the liquid that does makes the solid dissolve.For example, in a solution of salt water, the solvent is "water", and the solute is salt.

Distinguish between a saturated solution and a unsaturated solution?

A saturated solution is where a solid is at a equilibrium with the solvent. For example salt, Salt in water dissolves. The point at which no more salt can dissolve within the water is a saturated solution. A unsaturated solution is just the opposite, where there is no more solid left but the solution can still dissolve more.

Is salt and electrolyte?

Most salt dissolve in water, then they're electrolytes by forming ions in solution.

What happens when you add silver nitrate to distilled water and to salt solution?

Silver nitrate will dissolve in distilled water. When added to a salt solution silver chloride will fall out of solution.

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