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Water and a filter would work.

Pour the salt/sand into water and the salt will dissolve. Pour the mixture into a filter and the sand will be trapped in the filter. Evaporate the water and the salt will remain.

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Q: What are materials used for separating salt and sand?
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What method can be used for separating a mixture of sand and and salt?

The easiest way to separate sand and salt is to put the mixture into water and stir until the salt dissolves, then filter out the sand.

How could you separate sand and salt from a mixture of sand and salt water?

The way to separate sand and salt from a mixture of sand and salt water get a very fine sieve and pour the sand and salt water mixture onto it. The water and salt will flow through and the sand will be trapped. Rinse the sand with clean water to get out the rest of the salt and wash it through the sieve, leaving the sand. Spread the sand out and dry it. With the salt water "clean" and filtered, use a process to dry it, like evaporation. With the water driven off, all that will be left is salt. The physical processes used in separating these materials are straight forward and easy to understand.

What is the name called for separating sand from water?

the name which is used for separating sand from water is called filtering.

Why might you need to separate sand and salt?

Salt may need to separated from sand so the sand can be used to make mortar for construction applications (like a brick wall). Salt in sand will "kill" the strength and resilience of brick or block mortar, and no one with any sense will use sand with salt in it to mix up cement. Bad idea. There may be other reasons for separating salt from sand. And it is probably best done by "washing out" that salt. Salt will, as you probably realize, dissolve in water and sand will not. A continuous wash with fresh water will remove most all the salt hiding in the sand.

Why is sand and salt used on he road in cold weather?

Sand and salt are used on the icy reads because the minerals in sand and salt melt the ice.

What can distillation be used for?

separating salt from sea water.

What is sand salt used for?

sand and salt are used for scientific observeatives and more things like that by destiny

What happens when sand or salt is used in place of the liver?

What happens when sand or salt is used in place of the liver

Is sand heavier then salt?

Sand is heavier than salt That's why sand bags are used, rather than salt bags.

What technique can be used in separating the components of salt solution?


When is distillation used in everyday life?

When separating salt and water.

What is granite sand used for?

Granite sand is used as a component of composite materials.

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