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Everything is a whole lot more sensitive during pregnancy because of the increased volume of blood everywhere in your body not to mention your body is getting ready to give birth so if your partner is hitting your cervix during intercourse that would be why sex is a little painful for you because you are probably beginning to efface or dialate.

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Q: Why does sex hurt at the 35-40 week of your pregnancy?
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Can it be test the baby sex in first week of pregnancy?


Can you have pregnancy symptoms in the first week like just little signs?

Can you have pregnancy symptoms in first week after having sex

How far into pregnancy do your breasts hurt?

2 weeks after sex at the earliest

Is cramping a pregnancy sign in the first week of pregnancy?

Pregnancy symptoms occur at 2 weeks after sex at the earliest.

What week does nausea occur in pregnancy?

2 weeks after sex at the earliest

Is it normal to be a week late but your breasts hurt and you had a clear milky discharge and cramps but had sex for the first time in 5 months?

No it's not normal, these symptoms are cause by pregnancy. Good luck!

Can you take a pregnancy test a week after sex you still have 2 weeks of pill to take?

A week after sex would be too early to get an accurate result. You need to wait 3 weeks after sex.

During the pregnancy can i sex without condom with my wife?

Yes you can she is already pregnant and you can not hurt the baby in any way having sex.

Is it possible that you would experience symptoms of pregnancy a week after you had intercourse?

The chances of having pregnancy symptoms one week after sex are pretty slight. For detecting pregnancy you have to wait at least for 15 days and then take a test.

A week after sex and passing jelly is it a sign of early pregnancy?

Normally a sign of ovulation

Is it possible to detect a pregnancy in the first week?

2 weeks after sex the test will be reliable.

Can pregnancy symptoms start a week after intercours?

No, it takes 2 weeks to just get pregnant after the sex.

Can pregnancy symptoms start when you are a week pregnant?

No, that would be too early. The earliest pregnancy symptoms would occur is 2 weeks after sex

Is it any chance of pregnancy if your period finished and you will make sex after one week without condom and birth control pills?

Yes, it is always a chance of pregnancy after sex of any kind ,protected or not !

Should a female take a pregnancy test if her period is irregular?

Yes. Perform the pregnancy test three weeks after you had sex. It should be accurate then or see your doctor one week after sex for a blood test.

Can you take pregnancy test if you think im 1 week pregnant?

You can, but a pregnancy test will not be accurate until at least 14 days after having sex.

6 week pregnancy can we know gender sex?

No. You will most likely have an ultra sound around 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy and you will be able to find out then.

Will having intercouse four times a week increase a pregnancy?

Having sex four times a week will increase the chance of pregnancy when there are no fertility issues by increasing the likeliness of having intercourse during ovulation.

Are hurt burn unusual burping spotting lower back pain and cramping a week before your period is due a sign of pregnancy?

All can be- however it can be just pm symptoms too. The big question is: Did you have intercourse around ovulation that could have resulted in pregnancy (unprotected sex, failed birth-control method)? If in a week, your period doesn't happen, I'd take a pregnancy test immediately. Good Luck!!!

Is cramping a week and a half before your period normal or does that mean possible pregnancy even if you haven't had sex?


Risk of pregnancy?

High if you do it when you ovulate or have unprotected sex less than a week before you ovulate since sperms can live inside you for up to a week.

How soon can pregnancy be determined?

one week. Use the testing paper. A positive pregnancy can show up as early as two weeks after having unprotected sex.

Can a pregnancy test give an accurate result a week after sex?

No. You need to wait until 3 weeks after sex to get an accurate result. It cannot be detected until after implantation. This results in false negatives if the test is performed during the very early stages of pregnancy. (1st or 2nd week).

Is pregnancy possible if you stop the pill even 4 days after sex?

No, pregnancy happens when you stop the pill, then have sex. You may ovulate within a week of stopping the pill, by then any sperm that could be left will no longer be fertile.

Do you vomit if you are only a week pregnant?

No, you would not get pregnancy symptoms that early on. The earliest you would get them is 2 weeks after sex