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to numb pain or loss of blood

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Q: Why does shock occur in a person?
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Are wasps poisonous to people?

Yes. If the person has an allergic reaction to the sting, anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock can occur and the windpipe closes and the person can die from suffocation.

Why is it important to stand clear and not touch a person before delivering a shock with an AED?

If you are touching the person when the shock is delivered, you can get a shock as well.

Who can safely touch the injured person during shock delivery?

Nobody can safely touch the injured person during shock delivery. If anyone does, the shock will be transmitted to that person.

Can you die of shock?

Yes, a person can die of shock. When a person goes into shock they must be taken to a hospital immediately to receive the proper care.

Why do afterschocks occur?

I'm assuming you know how earthquakes occur and all an aftershock is a smaller earthquake after a larger one. If the "aftershock" is larger than the main shock it is reclassified as the main shock and the previous "main shock" becomes a foreshock.

A serious sometimes fatal reaction to a large amount of drug?

Anaphylactic shock can occur as an allergic reaction to a drug, in any amount, that a person is allergic to and the reaction can occur at any time. After taking a large amount of certain medications or drugs, respiratory distress or respiratory failure can occur. Both Anaphylactic shock and respiratory distress or failure can lead to death.

Why do you raise the feet 12 inches for a person in shock?

You raise the feet of a person in shock to increase circulation to the brain.

What type of shock is caused by trauma?

Shock occurs due to massive bleeding and pain. Losing an arm will put a person into shock. Trauma will likely kill a person before it puts one into shock.

What will happen if you touch a person while the AED is delivering a shock?

The person touching the victim will also receive an electric shock (not as powerful as the victim but a shock none the less).

When a person experiences an electric shock the electrons making the shock come from where?

from woman's body.

Why does a person suffering from shock feel thirsty?

lost of body fluids, hypovolemic shock

Should you use a AED on a person that has a electrical shock injury?

Yes you should use a AED on a person that has a electrical shock injury.

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