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Q: Why does small torch only need two batteries?
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Do batteries like this ever explode?

No. Only a small number of batteries have had issues (mostly Sony). These issues have since been resolved.

Does just beats solo need batteries?

NO only the stdio

Do you need special batteries for radio controlled aircraft?

No you do not, you only need to make sure you have the right size required. But it is suggested to buy batteries that are rechargable for multiple uses. Lithium batteries are suggested for longer useage.

Do batteries regain power in the freezer?

No....batteries do not regain power by placing them in the freezer. The only good that comes by storing batteries in the freezer is that the lifespan of the battery is increased but only by a very small percentage. (less than 2% longer lifespan)

How is a TORCH panel done on a new baby?

The TORCH panel requires a sample of the infant's blood. Samples from infants are usually obtained by the heelstick procedure when only a small quantity of blood is needed.

What kind of batteries does the Nerf barricade use?

i am pretty sure it only takes a couple of AA batteries i am definitely sure you dont need D sized batteries like vulcan and stampede

How many batteries do you need for an ipod touch?

The iPod Touch comes with a built-in battery that only needs to be charged. It does not use AA or AAA batteries.

How do you connect several 12 volt batteries to make 24 volt?

you only need two 12 volt batteries to make 24 volt. connect them in series

How many batteries are there in epic battle fantasy 3?

Six of them. You only need six anyways. Only 2 quests need them and 3 for each of em (i think only six)

How many double A batteries need for a 5.0V?

You can't make 5.0V with A batteries as there are no A batteries; only AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, and N all of which are 1.5V and you can't make 5.0V with any multiple of 1.5V.Three 1.5V batteries gives 4.5V and four 1.5V batteries gives 6.0V.

Is a torch luminous?

Only if it is lit.

Does the Nerf N-strike firefly rev-8 works without batteries?

No, you can still shoot it. The only thing you need batteries for is to make the revolving barrel light up.