Why does sun appear red during sunrise but sky appears blue?

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This is due to the way that light particles diffues or pass through different amounts of differently coloured light. White light is made up of all of the colours in the spectrum, like shown in a rainbow, and when the light (generated from the sun) passes through our atmospher, all other colours of light except for blue are filtered out by the light passing through the atmosphere.

During evenings, or indeed some mornings, the sun is lower in the sky, this means that the light from it has to pass through a greater amount of atmosphere to reach the point that you are at. Due to this, it now filters out all parts of the light spectrum except for the red light, meaning the sky appears red. This is also why, on some rare occasions, the sky can appear green.
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Why does the sun or moon appear red when seen through a smoky sky?

Answer . I think the sun is red when a lot of smoke is in the air because the gases in the fire travels with the wind and passes through the sun.When the gases pass through the sun the gases mix in with the other gases.When they do that the chemicals mix together and change the suns color.So it g ( Full Answer )

Why does sun appear flat during sunrise and sunset?

The sun rays have to travel through a larger atmospheric distance. Most of the blue light and shorter wave lengths are removed by scattering . Only red colour,which is least scatterd is received by our eyes and appear to come from sun .Hence the appearance of sun at sunset or sunrise looks almost fl ( Full Answer )

Why does the sun appear red in the evening?

Answer . The sun appears red or orange at sunrise and sunset because of the dust particles in the air and the angle which the sun is striking Earth at the given time. This causes the reds and oranges (who are of longer wavelength) spread out and "appear" red.

Why does the sun appear to move across the sky?

The sun appears to move because the Earth is turning around on itsaxis (the North and South Poles) at a rate of 15 degrees per hour,giving the impression of the SUN 'moving' (as well as the stars,planets, etc...) to everything that is NOT on the Earth. The Earth (from a Bird's Eye view of our Solar ( Full Answer )

Why does the sun appear higher in the sky during summer?

The earth's tilt is a constant 23.5 degrees perpendicular. Theearth's position relative to the sun changes, not the tilt itself,during orbit. The sun is higher in the sky throughout summerbecause the north pole is tilted 23.5 degrees toward the sun andbecause we are in the northern hemisphere, the s ( Full Answer )

Why do sky appears red during sun set?

This is because the light is travelling horizontally through the atmosphere, so we see it through a longer distance of air. The atmosphere and the dust it contains tend to scatter and absorb light at the blue end of the spectrum, leaving more red. This is why volcanic eruptions can cause even redder ( Full Answer )

Why does the sun appear to rise up in the sky?

The same reason the scenery appears to go by when you're on a train looking out the window. You are in motion but your brain on some level thinks it's still, so it interprets what you see as if that were the case.

Why does sun seem to appear two minutes before actual sunrise?

the sun is visible to us about 2 minutes before the sunrise & about 2 minutes after actual sunset because of atmospheric refraction.By actual sunrise, we mean the actual crossing of the horizon by the sun. The time difference between actual sunset & the apparent sunset is about 2 minutes. The appare ( Full Answer )

Why does the sun appear to be moving across the sky?

Its the earth that moves, not the Sun. This happens because the Earth rotates towards the east. Here's a way to see how this works. Sit in a chair that can spin, and turn on a lamp across from you. Give the chair a spin but sit still and don't move your head. You will see the lamp move across your ( Full Answer )

Why is the sky orange during sunrise?

Sunlight contains all the colors of the rainbow. Particles floating in the air scatter some of the light (usually blue/violet) which is why the sky looks blue. During the early morning (and early evening) the light has to pass through more atmosphere to reach your eyes. The blue/violet has already b ( Full Answer )

Why does earths sky appear blue and mars sky appear red?

Mars has a much thinner atmosphere than earth, it also has a constant haze of dust in the air that contains a brown iron oxide called limonite, which absorbs blue light and scatters the other wavelenghts of visible light.

Why does the sun appear to be the brightest object in the sky?

The sun is the closest object to us that emits its own light. Themoon and the five planets we can see at night all reflect lightfrom the sun. It's closer to the earth and it has fire The sun is the brightest object in the sky because, quite simply,it is the closest star to the Earth The sun is the b ( Full Answer )

How does the sun appear in the sky?

God made it if u believe in god to give you light and energy to plants. and if u heard a Chinese legend where there is 10 sun at first but now it only got one because a knight went up the very high mountain and shot 9 suns with an arrowbow

How does the sun appear to travel across the sky?

The Earth turns around it and since gravity gives us the ullution we are standing still the sun appears to travel across the sky. Like when you are in a car if you pretend the car is standing still the trees look like they're moving by you very fast but it's actually the other way around.

Why the sun appear to be moving across the sky?

The Earth rotates itself as is revolves around the Sun. Earth is said to have a Prograde rotation by only looking at the North pole. Unlike Earth, Venus has a Retrograde rotation. A Prograde rotation is counterclockwise, while a Retrograde rotation is clockwise. So, from Earth, the sun looks like i ( Full Answer )

During which season does the sun appear highest in the sky winter at noon or spring at noon?

The answer is that annually, on the day of the summer solstice the sun will be highest in the sky at noon. But the sun will be lowest in the sky at noon, on the day of the winter solstice. . So on the day of an 'equinox' the sun will be in an intermediate position at noon because an equinox repre ( Full Answer )

Why does sky appear blue at noon?

because the suns raise falls in the water and because of the reflection of the sun it falls in the sky and and the sky turns to noon

Why sun appears flattened at sunrise?

This is an optical illusion caused by the fact that the sun's rays are passing through the atmosphere at a low angle - hence they pass through a lot more atmosphere relative to when it is high in the sky. The atmosphere of the earth not only being full of contaminants which tend to disperse the l ( Full Answer )

Why does a sun appears before sunrise?

The sun might seem to appear before sunrise if you look toward the west, where the mountains are. The sun may rise in the east, but you can see the sun's reflection if you use the mountains a giant mirror. That way, you'll see the sun before anyone else in your area does, right before sunrise.

Why does the sun appear to cross the sky during the day?

Ah, an ancient question. It is not that the Sun is moving, so much as we are. Many moons ago, it was believed that the Earth was the center of the universe. Religiously, this made sense. For the ruling Catholic church at the time, it made sense that God's most prized creation would be at the center ( Full Answer )

Why sky is red in color during sun set or sun rise?

The rays of light from the Sun travel through much more air when the sun is low , near the horizon. The bluer light is diffracted and spread by air and dust particles (that's one of the components causing the sky to appear blue!) What remains is the red portion of the spectrum.

Why does the sun appear to be move across the sky?

because the earth is spinning on an axis, like you said, it only appears to move across the sky. stand in the centre of a room and turn on the spot, the room appears to be spinning around you (with a little imagination and ignoring that you can feel yourself turning!) now think bigger scale where u ( Full Answer )

Why does sun appear oval in shape at sunrise and sunset?

When the sun is near or below the horizon, the rays of light from the sun travel from denser to the rarer medium(as earth's atmosphere is denser at the bottom and rarer at the top).when the angle of incidence is greater than critical angle, the light rays from the sun undergo total internal reflecti ( Full Answer )

Why sun appears oval at sunrise and sunset but appears circular at noon?

At sunrise and sunsetthe sun is near the horizon. The rays of light from upper &lower part of the periphery of the sun bend unequally on travellingthrough earth's atmosphere. That is why sun appear oval orflattened at sunrise and sunset. At noon sun isoverhead. The rays of light from the sun enter ( Full Answer )

Why does the sky look blue and the sun look during the day?

According to RAYLEIGH scattering intensity is inversely proportional to the fourth power of wavelength so blue violet and indigo has shorter wavelength and more intensity when it gets scattered our eyes is sensitive to blue colour so sky appears blue to our eyes not violet or indigo

Why does clear sky appear blue?

When sunlight enters the earth 's atmosphere ' the atoms or molecules of the gasses present in the atmospherescatter this light. Since wavelength of red colour is larger than the wavelengths of other colours in sunlight ' so red colour is scattered less. Violet colour is scattered d most followed by ( Full Answer )

Why does the sky appear blue from the earth?

because the farther away you are from anything it get bluer! like if you draw a mountain that is far away you will put a little blue in it Chris Tucker: your wrong because the Sun is made out of all colors and those colors turn into white. Once it goes through the earths atmosphere it appears to be ( Full Answer )

Why does the sun appears orange red at the time of sun set and sunrise?

The earth's dust, gas and air particles scatter the sun's light in different directions. Violet light has a peculiar property due to which it gets scattered the most. Red light gets scattered the least. At sunrise the earth is rotating towards the sun. Similarly, during sunset, the earth is rotati ( Full Answer )

Why does the sky appear blue in the day time?

The color blue is the result of a particular wavelength of light (it is in the shorter wavelength part of the visible spectrum). Different wavelengths bounce off air molecules, or pass around air molecules without bouncing off, depending upon their wavelength, whether it is larger or smaller than th ( Full Answer )

Why sun appears bigger in diameter at the time of sunset and sunrise?

There are two factors at play. The first is that the atmosphere itself acts as a magnifying glass. The thicker the gasses in the atmosphere, the greater the effect. It is similar to looking through water at an object that seems to vacillate and appears larger than when you remove it. As the sun set ( Full Answer )

Why clear sky appear blue?

sun's rays are made up of a mixture of seven colors. it is apparent in the rainbow. oxygen and nitrogen occupy not less than 98% of the gases in the air. blue light in the sun's rays are scattered when it hits those gases.

Why sky appears blue in mid day?

In the atmosphere, the sky is scattered with different colors and wavelengths. Blue, though, is the most "popular" color that is scattered. That's why we see the sky as blue.

How does the Sun appear to move across the sky during the year?

During the course of a year the Earth completes one orbit around the Sun. To us on Earth we see this as the Sun moving against the background of stars through the year, along an imaginary line which we call the ecliptic . This ecliptic approximately defines the plane in which the Earth and the oth ( Full Answer )

Why does the sky appear blue at daytime?

The sky appears blue because the molecules scatter blue light more than red. The sun emits white light and when the sun is high in the sky it has to go through less air in the sky so it is red, in the morning or at sunset it is red because blue is scattered more.