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Q: Why does the Keurig coffee maker cut off automatically?
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Can you brew tea in coffee maker?

You most certainly can! There are a couple ways of doing it. First, pour as much water into the coffee maker as you would like to drink. Choose how many tea bags you'd like to use - if you want stronger tea, use more than one tea bag. You can put the tea bags whole into the filter basket (WITHOUT using a filter), making sure that they are either stringless, or that the strings are cut off/hanging outside the basket. You can also use a filter, but cut the tea bags so that the tea sits where the coffee normally would. Turn the coffee maker on, watch your tea brew, and add sugar to preference! It may not be the BEST tea you've ever had, but it'll certainly make a good cup for enjoyment.

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What does the 'start up automatically after power failure' option in System Preferences -- Power Saver in iMac mean?

If there is a power cut then the Mac will be off. The Start Up Automatically.... option will automatically restart your Mac when the power comes back back on.

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Click on them and choose delete/cut/remove.

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