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Pap smears are not recommended for 12 year olds.

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Q: Why does the baby dr have to do a pap smear on a 12 yaer old?
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Can a pap smear stop you from conceiving?

A pap smear does not affect your fertility. You are as likely to get pregnant after a pap smear as you are before a pap smear.

Will a pap smear harm the baby if done in early weeks of pregnancy?

A pap smear will not affect the baby at all.

How long after a miscarriage do you go for pap?

A miscarriage does not change recommendations for pap smear frequency. You go for a pap smear on the schedule recommended at your last pap smear.

Can you get pregnant if your pap smear test is positive?

yes get pregnant if pep smear test positive

Can do pap smear if had iucd?

Yes, IUDs do not interfere with the ability to get a pap smear.

Would obtaining a PAP smear be a surgical or medical asepsis?

Obtaining a pap smear uses medical asepsis. There is no break in skin when getting a pap smear.

What does blood in your pap smear mean?

It's not unusual for women to have a small amount of bleeding with their pap smear. On its own, blood in the pap smear has no clinical significance.

Is there a home kit for pap smear where to get?

There is no home kit for a pap smear as of Fall 2014. See your health care provider for your pap smear.

Can lubricants affect a pap smear test?

Yes, lubricants can affect a pap smear.

Is pregnancy visual during pap smear?

A pap smear can't detect pregnancy.

What is the abbreviation for papanicolaou smear?

Pap smear.

Why do you need a PAPS MERE?

I assume you mean Pap smear you need a pap smear 3 years AFTER you start having sex or 21 years old, whichever is first. In the UK they wait until 25 years old. OR if you have a bunch of partners or are immunosuppressed you need the pap smear sooner the pap smear is to check for cervical cancer. Cervical cancer used to be the # 1 cause of death of women, they we got pap smears and you need to get a pap smear every year once you hit the threshold above. because of pap smears, we catch cervical cancer early and treat it before most women die.