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Maybe god was a little bit gay and every so fashion forward.

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Q: Why does the bible condemn mixed fibers?
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Why does the Bible condemn beliefs in spirits?

The Bible doesn't condemn a belief in spirits, however, it does condemn interacting with them, consulting them (as a psychic or seer might do).

Are man-made fibers mixed with natural fibers?

yes natural fibres and man made are mixed together.Cotton and Polyester are prime examples of mixed fibres( Cotton= man made Polyester= Natural )

What is condemn in Christ?

Thank God that Christ did not come to condemn us, as the Bible says: For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved (John 3.17) But he will judge us all, as Peter told Cornelius and his friends, (Acts 10.42)

What do the mixed cranial nerves containing both motor and sensory fibers include?


Does the Bible condemn gambling?

No, it does not.Some say it contradicts the 'Christian way of life', but there is most definitely nothing specifically condemning gambling.

Does a mixed nerve contain both sensory and motor neurons?

Yes, "Mixed nerves" of the peripheral nervous system contain both sensory and motor fibers

Where can both sensory and motor fibers be found together?

Mixed nerves like the spinal nerves have both sensory afferents and motor efferents.

What are fibers in polycotton?

The fibres mixed in polywool are polyester and wool . That's the answer fellow friends .

Which type of plastic material can have high strength as-well as high toughness?

Polycarbonate mixed with fiberglass fibers.

What is sentence for condemn?

We have to strongly condemn his autocratic rule.The world leaders will strongly condemn any such attack.

Is condemn a verb or noun or both?

Condemn is a verb.

What is polycotton and how do you spell it is it polly cotton pollycotton or poly cotton?

Polycotton is 51% cotton mixed with 49% polyester fibers.