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Why does the blower motor keep running the AC and heat cycle even though you have turned it off?

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The fan relay is stuck.

2006-09-11 18:43:32
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Q: Why does the blower motor keep running the AC and heat cycle even though you have turned it off?
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Do you put oil or gas in a stihl leaf blower?

both... you mix the oil and gas to a 50:1 has to be 2 cycle oil though

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Outer fan cools condenser coil as well as compressor. Even though the cycle is turned OFF the compressor needs to be cooled continuously.

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Fuel oil mixture for a Homelite 25 cc gas leaf blower?

Fuel:oil mixture for Homelite Blower UT08068R 32:1 4oz 2-cycle oil to 1 gallon gas

How often is power turned off during a cycle of ac voltage?


Is the john deere leaf blower bh30 a 2 cycle engine?

Yes. 50-1 oil to gas mix.

Why do you use capacitors on fan motors or blowers?

We use capacitor on fan motor or blower to create phase difference between two winding(Starting & running). This phase difference introduce starting torque on fan motor. Otherwise without capacitor the torque produced in positive Half cycle of AC supply is nullify by the torque produced in negative half cycle.

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If a backpack blower runs on 25 to 1 mix and a weedeater runs on 50 to 1 would it matter if I used synthetic 2-cycle oil Opti2 or PROMIX mixed at 50 to 1 on both or would it damage the blower?

It will damage the blower, there won't be enough oil to keep the engine properly lubricated.

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