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Good question. In today's day and age, anything goes with weddings!

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What exactly are the grooms for in a wedding?

The groom is the person who is marrying the bride. Also the groom normally gives a speech after the wedding ceremony during the buffet or meal. They also normally have the first dance with the bride.

Is the correct wording a groom-bride wedding or bride-groom wedding?

Bride Groom is the usual way I believe. The wedding is more about the bride so she is first.

How do you get runaway bride on match match wedding?

Elina and Shuhayel Red for bride and black for groom

What are William and Kates wedding colors?

Black for the groom, White for the bride

What wedding expenses is a groom normally responsible for?

Nowadays, often a bride and groom jointly take responsibility for any wedding expenses that are not gifted by their families.

What is worn at a Christian wedding?

It is up to the bride and groom but tradition has the bride in a wedding gown and the groom in a tuxedo.

How does the bride groom exit the wedding?

With his bride.

Who buys the wedding bands for the bride and groom?

The groom should buy the engagement and wedding ring for his bride to be and the bride to be should buy the groom's wedding band.

Does the bride buy the wedding band for the groom?

It is customary for the bride to buy the wedding band for the groom. A

What does the bride give the groom on the wedding day?

In some weddings, the bride also gives the groom a wedding ring.

What do the bride and groom stand under in a Jewish wedding?

In a Jewish wedding the bride and the groom stand under a chuppah.

When father of groom give gifts to bride and groom?

The father of the bride and groom can give the wedding gift to them the day of the wedding at home or, they can leave the gift on the gift table at the wedding reception. However, if it is of cash value it is better to give the bride and groom the money before the wedding.

Who does the page boy go to a wedding with bride or groom?


Who gives out gift to the bridesmaids at a wedding?

The bride or the bride and groom.

Do parents of groom and bride walk in with the wedding party at the wedding reception?

Traditionally no. The bride and groom enter as Mr. & Mrs. followed by the wedding party and the parents can follow behind or go ahead and mingle with the guests before the bride and groom enter the wedding reception.

Can the groom wear nothing but white?

Yes. There are MANY wedding customs. The only color I DON'T recommend for the bride and groom is black - except for the wedding night if they wish.

In a Haitian wedding who does the traditional first dance the bride and groom or the groom and groom's mother?

the bride and the groom is first, then the bride and her father, and then the groom and his mother. After that the bride dance with her new dad and groom dance with his new mom.

When you get married does the bride buy the groom the wedding ring or does he buy his and hers?

The groom buys the engagement ring and band for his bride to be and the bride to be buys the band for the groom.

Who pays for the wedding bride or groom?


What does the hostess do at a wedding?

She helps the bride and groom.

Who buys the wedding band for the bride?

The groom.

Who pays for a Filipino wedding?

The bride and groom

What do you give a bride and groom for their wedding?


Who is the characters of the wedding dance?

groom and bride?

Who is the bride unveiled by in a Jewish wedding?

By the groom.