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Why does the car not start you put a new battery?


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Somthings wrong with the engine.

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You can get a new battery, you can jump start the car with jumper cables and another car with a charged battery. You can also put a battery charger on your battery to give it a charge.

it was the battery. i put a new battery in it and it turns over good.

Check your earth (ground) connections battery to chassis & battery to engine / gearbox.

If your battery is dead then you are going nowhere therefore why would you need to take the car out of park? Get a jump start from another car with a good battery and then you can start your car and drive to the nearest battery dealer and buy a new battery if need be. Otherwise just put a battery charger on your battery and let it fully charge.

I just put a new battery and alternator in my car, but when i put it in gear or start slowing down to stop..the car die out. Also the brake light is continely on.

No, You do not need a key fob to start a car. When starting a car, you put the key in the ignition and turn. Power comes from car battery, not from the key fob battery!

Was it running before the old battery went south? Did you have a check engine light before you replace the battery?

Disconnect negative cable first from old battery and connect it last when installing new battery.

get a new battery and put it in

A car may take longer to start in extreme cold, especially if it has an older, weaker battery. In any temperature, a car will take longer to start if it has a dying battery.

1992 buick road master after you put a new battery it crank but wont start what is the problem

Yes, the battery may be defective is you cannot jump start the car. The battery may also be so low as to need to be charged some before you attempt to start the car. Put a charger on the battery and see if it will accept a charge.

i change the battery put in new one ,know the antitheft light is on and the car wont start

Yes, A car battery can have enough charge to turn on car electrical components but not start the car. This is not much of an indication of a bad battery however. Use a volt meter to test the power in the battery. If the battery seems low put it on a trickle charge. Most modern chargers will tell you if your battery is bad or not. The battery also has to be load tested to determine if it's good or not.

battery is in the trunk, put the red to red and black to black and have the other car running to charge your battery and give it a couple mins then start your miata

put new battery in Jeep, car tries to turn over but doesn't, none of the gagues move when trying to start car.

make sure radio settings/presets are saved disconnect negative battery terminal disconnect positive battery terminal unscrew the battery mount take battery out put new battery in put the mount back reconnect battery terminals

nothing to do with the battery it is probably a loose alternator belt or power steering belt

Check Battery cables for tightness and lack of corrosion May be starter solenoid May be starter May be Neutral safety switch

If your car only starts if you move your battery a little bit by hand, you have a bad electrical connection somewhere. You need to find it.

Yes it can as long as the battery is charged . The purpose of the alternator is to put the power used back into the battery

Yes it can as long as the battery is charged . The purpose of the alternator is to put the power used back into the battery.

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