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What indicator are you referring to? Are you referring to the Check Engine light? If so, it is on because the ECU has detected a problem with the emissions system.

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Q: Why does the control indicator for engine electronics stay on?
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Why does the battery indicator light stay on after starting engine?

Charging system is not working properly. Have the alternator tested at any auto parts store for free.

What indicator on a Mercedes-Benz has a bulb with exclamation mark?

Just had the same question and found the answer... According to my manual for a Mercedes-Benz 560SL 1986 It is the Exterior light failure indicator lamp. "The light failure indicator comes on with the key in steering lock posion2 and will go out when the engine starts. If it comes on with the engine running, it indicates a a light failure. If an exterior light fails, the indicator will come on only when that light is switched on. If a brake or turn signal lights fails, the light failure indicator will come on when applying the brake or actuating the turn signal and stay on until the engine is turned off. CAUTION! If additional lighting equiment is installed (auxiliary headlamps ect.) to avoid damage to the failure indicator system, be certain to connect into the fuse before the failure indicator monitor unit.

Why would the indicator lights all come on and stay on but the cruise control blower and traction control will not come on?

Many times this problem has been attributed to a faulty ignition switch. All the answers for your Trailblazer from true enthusiasts!

Why does the brake indicator light stay on in a S10 pickup?

The brake indicator light is for the EMERGENCY break, release this break.

Mazda 323F 16i 1991 The engine runs but there is no turn signal indicator light no light in the dash board when I start the car but there is the emergency light what is the problem?

it starts but the oil light stay on

How do you make the cruise control on a f 150 stay on after turning off the engine?

You don't. It is electronic and the speed isn't stored anywhere.

How do you fix your 1990 Nissan 300zx when it doesnt stay idle and dies?

check your idle control valve located behind the engine

Why does your check engine light stay on in your 2003 Jeep wrangler?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem - usually in the emission control system

What does espoff mean?

If you mean "esp off" the that is an indicator the electronic traction control for your vehicle has been turned off. There is usually switch to turn it back on, unless the system has malfunctioned. If the system has malfunctioned, the traction control will stay off until the problem has been repaired.

In cool weather 2002 Impala gauge needles jump and red warning lights flash or stay on odometer indicates all eights and gear indicator flashes?

Replace your engine and transmission grounds.

What malfunction would set on the malfunction indicator light in a 2005 town and country?

There are dozens and dozens of malfunctions that will cause the check engine light to stay on. You need to have the codes checked to know possible causes.

Is there an alternator indicator light on Honda Pilot?

There is not an alternator indicator light on a Honda Pilot. If the alternator goes out, the battery will not stay charged.

What colour would the indicator give with pure water?

i assume you are talking about pH and the indicator would stay the same, just get wet

How do you disable traction control on 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse?

Pull the ABS fuse located in the engine bay. This disables both traction control and ABS. The lights on the dash will stay illuminated because of the missing fuse.

Why wont your Dodge Dakota stay running at idle?

Bad idle air control motor. ADDED: this could be the culprit but another thing to check is the condition of the battery. I have had a weak/discharged battery able to start the vehicle, but not have enough voltage or amps to run the electronics on the engine. You would have to hold your foot on the accelerator to keep vehicle running.

What does it mean if the engine light stay turned on-on ford windstar 2002?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem - usually in the emission control system

Why on a 2001 Honda Civic will the battery indicator light come on when the engine is at less than 1500 rpm and go off when the engine revs to 3000 rpm and stay off until the rpm's go below 2000 rpm?

Mine did the same thing and shortly after my alternator had gone.

Why does engine symbol stay on in 2001 PT Cruiser 135000 miles for 3 days now?

This is your "check engine light". It means there is a fault detected in the electronics of the engine (computer). Either there is a faulty sensor or some other problem which has tripped the light. You need to take the car to a shop, where they can connect it to an analyzer and read the code, to find the problem.

Why does services engine light stay on and cruise control doesn't work on a 2003 GMC Envoy?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

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Can a missing fuse make engine light come on?

yes my check engine light was on the radio was not workin plus my odometer and fuel indicator wouldint work checked the fuses found one blown got new one and BAM all is workin grand just hope it stay that way:)

Why do the interior lights stay on with engine on and while parked on a 1999 Lincoln Town Car?

Try turning them off. This is done with the dimmer control of the dash lights.

Why do the headlights stay on after the engine is off and the keys removed on a 1997 Mercury Sable wagon?

Hey Fred==Your car probably has auto headlights and has a module under the dash to control them. The module is bad. goodluckJoe How long do they stay on? They're supposed to stay on for about 3 to 5 minutes.

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